Friday, August 4, 2017


 Sunny day - into car - 3 dogs - 2 humans - Cornwall Park
 On the promise of a tub of icecream we walked all the way from the observatory to the icecream restaurant round the other side.
This is a very looooooooong way.
 And two of us is very old dogs.
I'm not sure why we couldn't just drive round like the other people.
 Waiting patiently.    This better be good.  
Scuzy - I think the pot is for us.
 Technically speaking this is known as Stand Over Tactics.
 We all got to share licks.  Some for Euan
 Some for Tamalee - is it my turn next?
 Delicious.  That was beard licking good.
 The long trek back.    Euan managed a spot of surfing.
 Even though Tamalee is the oldest at 14 she managed to stride out the front with Euan the whole way.
 Me, not so much the striding.    Actually on the verge of doing a "podge".  
Technical BT term for a sit down strike.
Can we go home now?  9808 human steps later!!!  I need a lie down.

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  1. Wow, what an awesome weekend away. Poor Bodie's thinking this TimTam, Tubby, Teapot, Tinkerbell, Turtle means long walks, really is this necessary mum?