Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Second time this year, the rare and elusive bucket dog is sighted in the wilds of central Auckers. 
 The ongoing fence saga continues.  At the beginning of the year the fence on the other side came down while the neighbours pulled the garage down and rebuilt.  And April this year the wind blew so hard the fence on this side came down and has been propped up as of late till our neighbour could get to fixing.  Here it is all fixed and just like a bought one.
 Unfortunately in the few weeks it took to build, my snoopervising saw me cut my cheek on a nail that was sticking out of a board.    Mum was not amused.  My head was in a bucket earlier this year with my eye lump that was removed.   I'm getting resigned to being Monsieur Bouquet.
The bucket did come off for a few days but my carpet surfing removed my scab off my healing face and we was back to square one.   Mum was less amused and the bucket has been on again for 7 days again now.   I think I have a few more to go.  SIGH
 So while I'm still happily mooching about doing pretty much same old same old - 
do you think Euan wants a hat like mine?
There are a few drawbacks.  While I can still get under the duvet at night and Mum finds me curled up under the bedclothes in the morning with me helmet on....
 There are things that even a supa hero like myself just can't quite manage.
 Don't just stand there Euan!!!  Go and get Jeeves to open this door.
 We did also try to make a video clip for you of our usual evening entertainments.
 Can we play pick up 52 now?.   Its 0800 which is the right time.
 Which involves throwing all the toys out of the toybox,  a dozen pairs of socks, and all the tuggies.
 And we race about and bring it all back.     
However the video bits on the new computer are not working.   Mum is gonna have to get in a computer guy.   I am trying to tell Mum that this is probably not the right guy but she thinks hes probably worth a call.   Reckon?

Sunday, October 26, 2014


It has been a whole year since Euan came home.   
14 months ago he was this........
 August 31st ...... One day old
 September .....   One month old
October...... Two months old and going home 
 At home with big brother
 Bemused?   Who Me?
 November.......Getting used to the idea
 He's nickin all me toys 
 Usin me as a climing apparatus
 Follows my effery move
Trainy trainin....  little copy cat
 Finally playin,  if you can't beat im may as well join im
 December.....  Helpin me on ground patrol
 Christmas photoshoot
Border Terriers are like potato chips, one is not enough
 April..........  photo bombed by Onny.
 May..... My 10th birthday
 June....Stickin together through thick and thin 
...and ucky watery stuff...
 Zoro and Tonto
 September .......  wee mans birthday
October..... my best mate

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Assuming the position
We are glad to announce the very very end of a windy, cold and soggy winter Down Under. There has been legendary amounts of nappin going on for the past couple of months.   
Mum hasn't had much time to help me with my blogging.  She has been very busy doin lots of exciting stuff at work.   Well okay mebbe not this exciting.    And looking at that shot I'm not so sure that astronorts wear dangly earrings in their space helmet either.
 We have pretty much been left to our own d'vices and left to find our own fun.
 Last weekend Pop came over and Dog help him Euan was in charge!!!
 Is there no end to this?
 But wait....... there's more.............
 Does anyone know where the remote control is.  Turn it off right now.....
 dot.............dot..................dot................  my editor is clearly lost for words, I think she might be suffocating in that helmet.............
 Up at the beach a couple of weekends ago and confined to barracks.   We could only find the one bone to share.    Euan doesn't be doin sharin much.  Can you hear the whinging?
 Ahhh, now that's more like it.  The Rightful Heir to the Bone.
 Are you sure you brushed this morning Pop?
WWF or WTF?   You can see I am not perturbed by all the campground shenanigans. Speaking of collars, do you like my tartan that Aunty Geel brought me all the way over from Glasgow.   I just need  a castle to go with don't you think?

Monday, September 1, 2014


Bonnie, Clyde, Euan, Yoshi
Lets Get The Partay Started.
Clyde, Bonnie
 Twas a big day this weekend.  Euan turned one and there was a big party for his brothers and sister.
 I spy wif my beady eye, something beginning with lambies!!!
They hadn't seen each other since they were 8 weeks old but all got along like a house on fire.
 Jumping ginger!!!
 Round and round and round the pool
 Back the other way,  round and round and round the pool....
 Has anyone seen my brothers n sister?  How could I lose them?
 News of the party must have spread.  We had some of these turn up!!
What you lot doin back here then?  I thought you'd packed yer bags.
 Our Mum Nessie got to relax with the hoomans inside.
 Gather round lads - they've got to come out soon.
 Follow me - We're In!!
 Pleeease let me in.  I promise to sit quietly by the couch and just have pats.
The cake was also for William whos birthday it was too.  Happy Birthday William.
 Thanks for our party and letting us run riot.  We all think our brothers and sisters are fab.
 Doggy bags for to take home.
And thanks Yoshi for the squeaky toy.  Mum can now plot Euans squeaky progress round the house.