Sunday, April 13, 2014


RABBIT.   Who said rabbit?
Summers coming to a close so we're stuffing in as many warm walks with all our friends as we can before you know .....      Well before we start the cold walks.....
Little brother is getting bigger.  But don't tell us you can't tell us apart.   I'm the blonde one and he's the ginger one.
Asking Aunty Barb to do a recall,  you have to keep these humans in line and keep yer eye on them all the time.
 Euan with his bestest girlfriend Nellie.
Here - let me help you.
 Of course its not a proper walk unless we do some posin by the sceneries.
I wouldn't sit still and kept poking ma tongue out so Mum said you could have another picture of goody too shoes instead.
Sadly this was our very last walk with the beautiful Moss who crossed over the rainbow bridge on Saturday.
Rest in Peace our beautiful blue eyed boy.  Run free with Fern and Mrs Magoo and hey,  see if you can teach those doggies over the rainbow bridge how to dance!!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Thursday night is Mums fave night.  That is when Euan goes to his "Motivation n Focus Class".  As you can see all sorts of awesome stuff happens.   Here is Aunty Kelly and Little D demonstratin the correct position for lift off. 

 All the pups do lots of work and go back to their crates for to rest when they're not workin.   Euan waiting for class to begin.
 They are doing lots of fun stuff in preparation for later on agiliteez.   They can't be doing full on agiliteez & jumpin till they are 18 months cos their bones aren't properly stuck together till then.   I think us doggles are jez held together by skin, n fur n bits of whatever sticky stinky we have rolled in for the day till then.
Hunter all lined up n ready to go.

Lexi Lou
 On this Thursday night they did start getting used to the tunnels which can be a bit scary.  There were bits of chicken flyin from one end of the tunnel to the other.  With an enthusiastic doggle hot on its heels.
  I now am retired from all this malarkey n happily watch from the back of the Border Terrier Taxi.  Mum does occasionally deliver me a bit of chicken for sittin so quietly.   Hah, I have her well trained - hopefully I'll train her to put the back of the cab down in the middle of winter while they're out there freezin their paws n fingers off.  But hey "roast chicken"?  I can't ever recall that bein on the menu on my Tuesday night trainins.  You should see how motivationed I could a bin with a bit of roast chicken.  Whats the deal?
 Denzil getting all brave in the tunnel.
 Hunter demonstratin 4 paws on the ramp.  Ready for the big A frame in the future.
 And Euans BFF in class.  Ping.  They do spend lots of time socialisin  n stuff.
This weeks homework folks.   Savin the werld.

Well ok so we're just savin the werld one back yard at a time startin with our own.   Noodle wraps as a start to learning how to jump and wrap straight back.
Pole dancing.    A combination of Agiliteez n Heelworks to Music, not sure how that's gonna go down with the judges.
I have no idea what you want me to do so I'll just lie down.
Trainins for Euan are now a lot of "shaping" rather than bribing luring.  So Mum waits for him to do stuff and then she rewards him for doin it and he learns it much faster.  Well it does once he "does stuff".  The doin of stuff can take a while and Mum is havin to learn patience.

 Looks like a foodbowl,   tastes like a laundry bowl.
 Oh a reward,  so you want me to put my foot in it?
 Mum actually wanted him to eventually climb all four feet into it but the bowl had a wobble so we abandoned that idea.  Gotta get the props sorted first.  It's a learning curve all round.
 So he went back to his fall back trick.  Perchin.
 Ok better hand him over the chicken.
As only one of us gets to do trainings at a time I was tied up while Euan did his stuff.  And paw on furry heart,  I have never done any perch work or tricks on a platform.  When Mum tied Euan up and got me out to do some tricks I went straight over to the perch and stood on it.

Monday, March 24, 2014


Today being Monday, our fave beach was pretty much deserted.   Mum did take the day off work as our house was getting a new lid and she did want to snoopervise.   I mean its not every day your house gets a new fro is it?    Well by about 11am we'd had enough of the hammeren and banging and listnin to the hobnailed boots stomping round our heads so into the taxi and off to Kak.

We did take Euan's Uncle Koru with us.  Someone sensible to keep us out of terrier troubles.
This checking on peemail can be a taxing task.   Mebbe we should split up and take a section each.
I can do this.  Not so hard.
Mum did play a bit of a trick on the little guy.   When he wasn't looking she raced around to the far side of the stream and then called him over.
Captain Fearless - going where no terrier has gone before

You can see why Border Terriers are called "otter heads" can't you.
Come on little guy you can do it.
Well he did make it look so easy, and didn't look fazed at all.
Well I couldn't be outdone by the Pipsqueak could I.   Look at me walking on water.
How many borders can you see.   As we left it seems that a Border Terrier convention was about to start.  We did bump into Dylan and Loki.  And when we got back to the car we bumped into a lassie from Tenille down in Christchurch.  Mebbe she was related cos my Dad was Tenille Bilbo Baggins.         Talk to yas next week,  I may have dried out by then.

Monday, March 10, 2014


 You could say that we're a bit one eyed..........
 ....and that it's a matter of perspective.............
 ...... but in our considered opinion..................
..................... borders ROCK......................

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Really & truly.  Heres me posin for an arty photo and the pest photo bombs it.
The head of it.
A brief calm moment
And my gorgeous self.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


 We have had a bit of a disrupted start to this year.   While the weekends have been full of beaches.
The Sorcerors Apprentice
N huntin n gatherin
N general muckin
With Friends ......
Our weeks have been a little different.  Where are we to go Mum?
You know our big block wall in the garden.
Well it was the neighbours garage and they done pulled it down for to make their own really nice garden like ours.  Well it might likely be a bit nicer n ours as they are not lucky enough to have digginest dogs.
 So for a few weeks this is what it looked like.  They did put up temporary fencing for us which was thoughtful.
You do know we be terriers don't you?  Lucky the Goose isn't here, that would have been about as much use as a paper tissue to keep her in.   So we did get packed off to Nana n Poppas during the week while the "Snooperviser" was out at work.
It's business as usual now as far as the fence is concerned and all painted already and looking just like a bought one!!

And then with my eye troubles I was packed off to Nana's for another week for to have my eyedrops 4 times a day.  As you can see I am back to my gorgeous self again too.  And to help me in my brotherly duties we did call in back up on the occasional weekend.   I did have other things to deal with as you can see here.


See you next week.   The Bodester - conefree and lovin it.