Sunday, January 31, 2016


 Today Euan turned a new milestone.   
Look at this here, full steam ahead!!  
No briberies or corruption needed.
 Up Periscope,  feets pedalling an swimmin with Gusto
 Well ok swimmin with Mozzie.  
Ewwwwww it's tickly on me tummy!!!!
 It did help that we had the puddle to ourselves on this three day weekend.Most of the rest of Auckland were spendin quality time in their cars on the motorway.
 No scary screamey children or big barkey dogs.  
Or rustley plastic bags,  or wind or waves.  Perfect.
 And then this happened.   Mum was gobsmacked.
 Euan did swimmin,  and stickin his face in the water, and retrieving.  
All at once.
Of course I can do this - what's the big deal....
 And retrieve
 Oh ye of little faith, good things take time.
 Pugh,  its a bit sandy up me noz
Euan the sandboy.   Clearly he is gifted!!!

Monday, January 25, 2016


 The photographer has got a bit carried away of late
 Way too many photos of Euan and his Bestie
 This is Euans tracking buddy Nellie who is FIVE
 Going on TWO
 So a good match for the Euan
 Just remember if you ever get losted in the forest one day
 These two are highly trained and skilled ...
 In tracking each other
 They just might be able to track you too
 A big ask
 I would recommend
 That you consider us
 But that you also might like to have
 A plan  B

Saturday, January 9, 2016


 Three gingernuts
 And a Finnster
 Guilty of what?
 The BFFs
 The Biffs and a Finnster
Introducing the Choir - Do, Re, Mi and Fa
Reliable backup
 A sniff and a smile
 Self entertainment units - complete with Dolby Finn Stereo
 Finn out front in the Indy 500
 Welcome to BEDLAM!!!
Reffing the tug o war...
 Total liftoff
 Happiness is a buddy to run with.
And relax

Friday, January 8, 2016


 The final meeting of the North Shore Nositeers just before Christmas.   Me on a hunting and gathering mission.
 This has got to be our favest thing of the moment.
 Euan seems to have a paw pointing thing going on for lots of his hunting
 Mums little ray of sunshine
 Tua having a turn and building up some motivation
 Oh that was sneaky   a high treat.
 Or maybe not so high
Shoes are always to be investigated
 They proved to be the most popular hit
 No doubt about it, they are delicious
 As Euan is a bit scared of rattly things we put some keys on the floor for snootering
 Not scary for Pipi
 Kinda looks like a dinner bowl,  must investigate everything
 Nellie having a turn, Mum has marked all the boxes with treaties with a pink sticker and all the clean boxes with blue stickers.  Thats for the humans cos they don't have good noses.
Stickers schmickers. We just use our noses.  
As if my night couldn't get any better I got to be the product tester for Mums new nosework blanket.   No arguement - its the best √≠nvention since my dinner bowl.