Wednesday, January 14, 2015


SUNRISE 6.05am
 Although the days were a little different, - you know - the sun rose and set about a minute later every day - this was basically our holiday.
 Hey we didn't just lie around on the bed all day.  No siree Bob,  we did other stuff too like...
 Lie around on the couch............
Contemplated my navel the meaning of life from the comfy of the bean bag...........
 Braved the big outdoors and well -   had another lie down ....
 Lay down with comrades ................
 Big dog lie down
 All this talk of lie downs is making me tired.....
 Time for an afternoon zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
 As for me,  I had some big work planned each day,  snoopervising the gravel delivery guy
 Snoopervising the painters....
 Sheesh that was exhausting, must be time for a yep,  you've guessed it....
 For those of you who's can't read body language....
Time for a Public announcement:  It is now Nana Nap time -  would everydoggle who is not otherwise occupied report to the bed and PILE ON!!  

 A rose between two thorns.   Hey I resemble that remark!!!

Monday, January 12, 2015


Written By Finn
 And a one, and a two and a cha cha cha.  Yippee I can dance!!
 Bodie says he's too busy and impawtant to teach me to dance....
 And Euan says "Yo yo,  white boys can't dance......"
 Come on Euan, teach me some of your fancy moves bro.
 Ok  I'm ready - on the count of three I promise to catch you...
 You said the count of three.    So - maths is not a strongpoint.
 You stood on my foot,  can you see any blood?  This be dangerous.
Tomorrow my dance instructors promise to teach me some dirty dancin.

Monday, December 15, 2014


365 days of dog biscuits n bones later and it's that time of year.
We were furry honoured to get a letter from BTHQ again this year with a copy of this years Border Terrier Posse Calendar sent all the way from over the wobbly blue thing.
Thanks you for thinking of us Marley,  we have had a good read of before Mum squirrels it away to her pod farm to keep her amused at werk.   The calendars are sold in aid of BT rescue in the UK.
There's a serious lack of anything to report from our kingdom at the mo.  Apparently this is summer.  We are awaiting some of the shiny stuff to top up our Vitamin Dees. 
 Is there any Vitamins in this?    MoOOOooo.
Really who ordered this weather,   did you keep the receipt,  can we get a refund?  
If I ignore you will you go away?
 I am not in the good books this week either, its not been a good week...
 I've kind of got back to my wicked habit of encouraging Euan to clean out my ears.  Goo used to do it but she got tired of it. At which stage my ears cleared up.   And now Euan has stepped up to the challenge.  Resulting in a nicely infected ear from ear licking.    Mum is NOT amused.
 What do you mean I have to go to the vet?  Just put my ears down and don't be lookin at it.
 Don't be lookin at me with your hairy eyeball,  two can play that game....
Once again I the Bodester get to wear the  trewsers hat in the family.  Have a fun and safe Christmas everydoggy and well report back in 2015.

Monday, November 24, 2014


 You wouldn't believe what I saw going on here this week.    Next year Euan is gonna be two and is looking forward to starting his steller agility career.
 So that hes nice and limber and bendy he will be doing warmups so he doesn't get injuries.
He gets his own pawsonal trainer - a true fitness professional...
Being sure to stretch on both sides so you don't get a list on....
 Ohhhhhhh its dark under here,  can somedoggy turn the lights on please.
Do I look relaxed to you?
Getting used to being relaxed on his back
Does my butt look big in this?
 This move is called the baby orangutan impawsonation.
 Remember this photo which appears to have been the defining moment of my own stupendous agility career.  There's nothing wrong with a comfy couch and some doggone drivel on tv I say.
 Stomach crunches  - 5 reps  and a one, and a two
 Side view,  can you see his abs starting to appear
This is a warm up,  its called tantric breathing and I am being very careful not to add to my major injuries.
 And mat.............
And relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Second time this year, the rare and elusive bucket dog is sighted in the wilds of central Auckers. 
 The ongoing fence saga continues.  At the beginning of the year the fence on the other side came down while the neighbours pulled the garage down and rebuilt.  And April this year the wind blew so hard the fence on this side came down and has been propped up as of late till our neighbour could get to fixing.  Here it is all fixed and just like a bought one.
 Unfortunately in the few weeks it took to build, my snoopervising saw me cut my cheek on a nail that was sticking out of a board.    Mum was not amused.  My head was in a bucket earlier this year with my eye lump that was removed.   I'm getting resigned to being Monsieur Bouquet.
The bucket did come off for a few days but my carpet surfing removed my scab off my healing face and we was back to square one.   Mum was less amused and the bucket has been on again for 7 days again now.   I think I have a few more to go.  SIGH
 So while I'm still happily mooching about doing pretty much same old same old - 
do you think Euan wants a hat like mine?
There are a few drawbacks.  While I can still get under the duvet at night and Mum finds me curled up under the bedclothes in the morning with me helmet on....
 There are things that even a supa hero like myself just can't quite manage.
 Don't just stand there Euan!!!  Go and get Jeeves to open this door.
 We did also try to make a video clip for you of our usual evening entertainments.
 Can we play pick up 52 now?.   Its 0800 which is the right time.
 Which involves throwing all the toys out of the toybox,  a dozen pairs of socks, and all the tuggies.
 And we race about and bring it all back.     
However the video bits on the new computer are not working.   Mum is gonna have to get in a computer guy.   I am trying to tell Mum that this is probably not the right guy but she thinks hes probably worth a call.   Reckon?