Tuesday, September 25, 2018


It has been a quiet time at the Huia Hilton for the past 8 months.  While I have enjoyed having Mums undivided attention and reveled in the lofty position of "No.1 Son"  it was time to put my paw down and ask for a decent birthday present.  Maybe a real live boy that would chase me round the yard,  chew on my neck,  play tug and curl up beside me on the couch.
 As fate would have it a couple of weeks ago this little preloved guy sauntered into my life and I said I would look after him while I found him a new home.    He's come from a lovely home so he has some perfectly acceptable manners already. 
 As you can see we got on like a house on fire.
Playing bitey neck
 Comparing our Colgate smiles
 Doing the Indy 500 round the back lawn.  I'm ahead by more n a nose.
 His name is Jacko and he is just turned two.  In fact he is my friend Islas brother.
 So he has started coming on our daily early morning walks round the University
Has been roped onto the Neighbourhood Watch committee.   
AKA  Neighbourhood Busybody Society
 Is being introduced to my friends
Front row seat on Kitchen Patrol Duty
 He didn't need any training for this pastime.
 Took to the place like a boss
 Long story short,  he's here to stay
Le bearde magnifique!!
For thems that thinks all small brown dogs look the same.  Jacko has a black saddle,  a black tail and a black muzzle.   I am the ginger ninja with the impressive beard.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


 A 3 day hiatus with all my harem in tow last weekend started off with weather of dubious quality and the situation didn't much improve.   However this didn't fill us with trepidation as it would with a houseful of 5 teenage bipeds.
 Introducing my troops in no particular order of rank.   



 The rain just meant we go to dabble in this....
 With lashings of that..........
                              Same service,  different channel

 Under strict supervision the chefs could be relied upon to provide snacks
 At regular intervals
 Not bad,  not bad at all
  Senior management had downed tools,  the gates weren't opened all weekend, no manoevres were scheduled and we were pretty much left to our own devices.
  All the troops were able to rise to that challenge, no problem at all
 To spice up proceedings on occasion I took it upon meself to inject a bit of life into the troops.  By racing to the end of the deck warning "Forward Unto battle" or barks to that effect I could rally the battallion into charging off the deck in full battle cry, clearing the grounds of rabbits, birds and various imaginary foes.  Imaginitus can be highly contagious.  Sporadic forays raged on into the evening till at 11pm on Saturday night an ugly skirmish with a chog ensued.  I hadn't instigated that battle - which culminated in bloody chin washings and spine removals back in the barracks at 11.10pm.  Lockdown was swiftly instigated and the offended chog was repatriated into the safety of the adjoining kingdom.
 Recreation of actual events although the terrorists fared the worst.
Chog back in the safety of his pack.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


 Last weekend we did head out of town along with the Great Auckland exodus.  Took us four hours for our great escape but it was worth the roll down the motorway.   All set up for 3 days of RnR.
 Isla needed no second invitation to grab the comfiest chair in the house.
"Once upon a time in a land far far away ...."
 Tweed cuddled up with me in shared accomodation.
 I managed to get an accomodation upgrade pretty damn quick.
 And Tamalee and Piper got the Penthouse Suite!!!
 Every morning the hunt was on to find the ever elusive wifi...
 Two bikes waiting patiently for some bums
 I've found it!!!!
 Twas not all lounging about barking at campers and talking mince.   There were also  marathon cycle rides
 Our top secret location revealed.   Well just a bit -, its a big river.
 Throw the stick, throw the stick, THROW THE STICK
 Must get stick.
 Channelling Carlos Santana
And sleeping,  lots n lots of sleeping.   Na night.