Saturday, September 23, 2017


 As the Bodester appears to have gone AWOL on his blogging duties for the past month the lovely Tamalee has agreed to step in for this months post.
 Good Afternoon,  Tamalee reporting from Northland NZ and today viewers I would like to give you a guided tour around my walk round the block.  We have just snootered our way out the front gate and overlooking the Kaipara Harbour.  Follow me.
 A brief amble over two sections and a  quick stop off to pick up some salad
 Try and keep up - we're off
The neighbours have kindly put up a rope for my photographer to hang onto.
 Round the corner and down to our wee bit of beach.  
 Tides out.
 So its a bit mangrove swampy at low tide.
 Hmmm, nothing to see here, moving right along
 For some unfathomable reason my photographer kept running away from me.  Just because I'm 14 doesn't mean I can't run!!!
 Move along,  blogs to file,  deadlines to keep
 Behind me to the left is the peninsula headland which leads round to the wharf.
 We're not walking all the way to the wharf are we?   It's not very far but I am very old.  

 I think it is nearly time for afternoon tea.
 The very steep walk up the hill from the beach.  
 I have kindly declined to tow the photographer up the hill.
 One moment viewer,  there be sheep in here,  just checking
 As you were    - onward
 The final lap home
 We hope you enjoyed your guided tour.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Border Terrier Gym.  Class Time - Mondays & Fridays.  No Lock in Contracts  Current members from left to right.  TAMALEE - Cleaner,  EDDIE - New Member,  PIPER - Silver Membership,  TWEED - Gold Membership,  ISLA - Preschool Puppy,  EUAN - Gym Junkie.
 As part of your gym membership you'll receive unlimited FREE sessions with our qualified instructors.
 Has my personal trainer arrived yet?
Something for everyone - Boxing class
 Pushups -   STAND
 And DOWN   5 Reps please.   And snacks
 Maybe my instructor is stuck in Auckland traffic?
 Tweed waiting for further instructions
 Piper multi tasking on core strength and down stay.
 Eddie working on his new programme.  A big back stretch to start.  Cos warm ups are impawtant.
 Not sure what this move is called.   Ed looks confused,  am I in the right class?
 Maybe I'll just blow this popsicle stand and go find a bone?
 The snacks in this joint are delicious.  
 Ed who is fast becoming the Sylvester Stallone of BT Gym works on his abs.
 High Five
I have decided I will just do my own workout.

Friday, August 4, 2017


 Sunny day - into car - 3 dogs - 2 humans - Cornwall Park
 On the promise of a tub of icecream we walked all the way from the observatory to the icecream restaurant round the other side.
This is a very looooooooong way.
 And two of us is very old dogs.
I'm not sure why we couldn't just drive round like the other people.
 Waiting patiently.    This better be good.  
Scuzy - I think the pot is for us.
 Technically speaking this is known as Stand Over Tactics.
 We all got to share licks.  Some for Euan
 Some for Tamalee - is it my turn next?
 Delicious.  That was beard licking good.
 The long trek back.    Euan managed a spot of surfing.
 Even though Tamalee is the oldest at 14 she managed to stride out the front with Euan the whole way.
 Me, not so much the striding.    Actually on the verge of doing a "podge".  
Technical BT term for a sit down strike.
Can we go home now?  9808 human steps later!!!  I need a lie down.