Saturday, March 18, 2017


 Some days -  the wildlife just doesn't want to play ball.
 *Whistles*,  * Hello*   *Euan*   *Bodie*
 Exhaustion setting in already?   No stamina
 Everything is more interesting than me today it seems
 Ok,  I'm getting the message
 Old on the left,  and tired at 3YO on the right.!
the end...
psssst   Marley,  we want to see the puppeeeee

Saturday, January 21, 2017


The other week I was asked if I would like to be a model for a new book coming out.  Mum likes any excuse to take the day off work, so Monday saw us ready for to climb Mt Eden for my modelling shoot.
Cars are no longer allowed to drive up Mt Eden which is one of the many volcanoes in Auckland so we had to get to the top under our own steam one way or another.  Here we go on the long trek up.
 How far is it to the top Mum?  You do realize I'm a Senior Citizen don't you?
 As I haven't been here before it was important to snooter every blade of grass.
Does my butt look big in this?
 More stairs,  and up we go.
 As it was looking likely that this expedition could run into the middle of next week with the endless snootering and my general lack of speed I conned Mum into carrying my great self up most of the stairs.   The photographer had twice as much weight with camera equipment to carry so Mum couldn't really complain.
 Once at the top I was carried back down into the crater.
 Put in a Sit and Wait.   I love sitting so no problems there.
 Mum elegantly made her way out of the hole....
 And I leapt out in a lively manner....you know me  "lively"is my middle name.  After 5 lively leapings we called it a day on that shot and moved round to another part of the mountain.
 So high the mountain,  so hot the modelling.....
Thanks to Fiona Tomlinson for asking us to participate in the book.  We'll keep you posted when the book comes out, watch this space.   Todays blog was a recreation of actual events.  Thanks to the recreation of actual events photographer. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017


 So Sunday saw us all up bright and early.  Euan was off to the woods for to participate in a social experiment.   And I made a supreme effort to stagger from the depths of the duvet to sunbathe on the deck. See yous both later.
What do you mean you're leaving me.  Does he have a dog drivers licence?
AIM:   To observe a novice handler in an unfamiliar environment with an experienced tracking dog following a laid track.
EQUIPMENT:  One dog,  lead and harness, keep quietbribes,  two humans,  good shoes and fast legs. Spare human and dog for backup plan A.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Give the track layer 5 minutes head start.  Hang onto the end of the lead at all costs.   Expect some back tracking may occur.
PROCEDURE:  Track layer disappears into the depths of the forest,  dog whines at Volume 10, novice handler gives dog copious amounts of food to keep it happy ish.
0-32km/h in under 6 seconds
TTD tracking = Tracking Through Drive where you run with the dog,  it means you may overshoot the track so need to expect the occasional turnaround.   Mum did watch them flying past both ways on the ridge on one speedy backtrack.
 Run Forest Run
 Mum was glad it wasn't her legs getting a hammering.
Good Job.   No humans or dogs were harmed in this experiment.  No one was lost and no legs fell off.  CONCLUSION:  A novice handler doesn't second guess the dog.     You have to Trust your Dog.
 We did have health and safety backup plan in place in case of lossages!!  
Our trusty back up nose crew.
Tree wrap, a common tracking hazard
 Foot step tracking,  much more sedate and controlled.   
Do Not Disturb

Thanks to cousin Simon for participating in todays games.

Saturday, December 17, 2016


 Twas the week before Christmas  When all through the hood
The creatures were restless      And up to no good
 The Bodester loud barking    At Ronald next door
Sat teasing by fence    An ongoing war
 Ron lurks behind fence   From dusk until dawn
"See how fast you can run    When your feet hit OUR lawn!!!
 The Euans been busy     With loo paper shredded
A gift just for you Mum   I have lovingly deaded
 His present from last year     Round garden well travelled
"Can I have please a new one    This toy has unravelled!!
 Christmas Down Under       White Snow there is none
Just black sand and jandals     And lots of good fun
 Meanwhile Grinch is out cruising    Electric his bike
Can't race round the world  On a rusty ole trike
 He sails through the hood   ONYA new F19
Leaving folks in his wake  Not quite sure what they'd seen
Yum  hay,  Our favourite
No Dasher no Dancer no Vixen     Not needed
In the barn eating yoghurt  hay   They're now obsoleted
 The Grinch doesn't need reindeer  To pull him along
40 Volts in the rear hub   And co pilot strong
 Even Spud has a role to play   Guarding the tree
Don't even think it    On this you can't pee!!!
 So Santa   our presents?   To help make us merrier
"Are you sure you've behaved   I hear you be terriers!!!"
 We doesn't need presents  and fancy sweetbreads
Just a lovely safe place   To lay our sweet heads
To our friends here at Christmas   We hope you're well fed
Bowl of water,  hugs, cuddles   And a warm comfy bed

Saturday, November 19, 2016


Do I want to go for a walk.  8kms,  Let me think about that.    
Ah NO but thank you for asking.
 Feel free to invite the mad squirrel
I'm sure he will walk to the moon and back with you.
 Hmmm,  I smell hints of baby deer,  or maybe notes of horse.....
 Et voila le nez is always right,  horses d'√≥ofers,  
fresh out of the kitchen,  
organic,  vegan, 
Breakfast of champions.
 You want I give you kiss??
   Someone is going to get his beard scrubbed when he gets home.
 Just when Mum was congratulating herself on how Euans 5m lead had skirted sucessfully round the restaurant floor.     UGH.  Pride cometh before a fall.
I'm not sure that the 99.99% miracle cure kept in the car is up to the job.  I think Hors D''√≥uvres might fit into the 0.01% not covered in the fine print.
Still,  thats Mum scrubbed up all nicely,  well nicely for Mum and off to brunch.