Friday, July 18, 2014


Look who we bumped into again today.  
Yoshi is the one in the harness and the blue disk.  Euan is the one in the hair suit and the black ears.
 Some random peeps & a doggle that we don't know.  
Its dog gone freezing out here today.  
After all the shenanigans we are going home for to climb into the heater!!
  Euan n Yoshi  10 months 2 weeks.

    Bodie  10 years 2 months.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Looky who we met on todays walk.   We tried really really hard to get a nice photo to show you.
But trying to get three Border Terrorists to sit and pose for the camera well....
It would probably be easier to wrestle with a bowl of spaghetti
 Riff Raff what you doing in the photo shoot? 
Blow this for a game of cards I'm off....
 I'm off too,  smells to sniff,   horse poop to roll in,  we's busy guys...
 Remember Yoshi,  Euans brother that did come to stay with us for the weekend when they was wee.  Well this be him.
A rose between two thorns
Unfortunately my usual good looks have been rooooined by Mum who has been pickin at my head, thus making me now look like a pinhead with a big body.   I'd lay a complaint but I'm not sure who'd be listnin.
Notice how tidy Yoshi was, he must've been to the cleaners recently.  This be Euan who hasn't been near a groomer to state the obvious.
He's starting to be lookin like a character out of Sesame Street.
 What you lookin at.   This be my best Rod Stewart impawsonation 

Even if I have only got half me clothes on at the moment Mum still thinks I'm boodiful

Friday, July 4, 2014


 Guess where we went last weekend.   
 Yep - you guessed it  our fave West Coast hideaway - Soul Beach. 
 Its not really called Soul Beach but its our big secret.  See its working, we had the place to ourselves.   Possibly because on Saturday it was howling a gale and all other sensible doggies n humans were at home trying to climb into their heaters.
Not us hardened types.  Bring on the freezing we say.
 We did meet a new friend this weekend.  Boston who was a very big dog in a very small package.
 Hey, how come Boston gets to go First Class?  He must have cashed in some air miles.
 Next time check our tickets aye matey.  Its freezing in here.
Who says that boys doesn't do multi taskin.
 As it was such a big blow, a few things more than should have been were washed up on the beach.  Awww poor little Happy Feet... :-(
We did promise not to be rollin in dead penguin and other dead stuff washed up buy hey,  I guess someone didn't believe us.
 I know they buried that dead fish head under this rock, I can smell it.  Quick - give me a hand while no one is looking.  We can get in a sneaky chew and a roll.
While Euan n Boston did puppy stuff I got down to the much more serious art of parfum spread.  Can you see me in the background, busy doin dog stuff?
 Doin scary face
 Boston puttin on the bitey
 We had the whole werld to ourselves.  Paradise.
Well it was a werld big enough for 4 dogs a couple of people and a dead penguin anyways.
 And a kingfisher.
Mum did take this photo for to prove that the sun does shine out of our fluffy butts.
See you next week.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


 Last Saturday found us up at Aunty Barbs for to do some entertainin.
 I've just been for a big walk in the forest so quite happy for Euan to take over the role of Chief Entertainment Officer thanks very much.  I am all puppied out and happy to snooze in me bed....
Euan being the more mature puppy by 4 months was expected to bring some levity to the situation.....
Oh yeah?    Good Luck with that....
 Where do puppies get their energies from.  Euan has just been for a hop about in the forest with us.
The batteries have got to run dry shortly.
 Or maybe not...............
 Hear me ROAR
 Storm before the calm..............
And then there was peace on earth
Speed dropped back from Mach II to cruise control
 Looks like dirt, smells like dirt, chances are it's dirt.  The CSI team has nothing on this pair.
 Oy - you in there - OPEN UP!!  We've heard there is chocolate cake on the premises.
Thanks for having me to play Aunty Barb, sorry for tearing up the lawn and I'll come back next week and entertain Frankie for you if you like.   Euan.   woof.