Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Assuming the position
We are glad to announce the very very end of a windy, cold and soggy winter Down Under. There has been legendary amounts of nappin going on for the past couple of months.   
Mum hasn't had much time to help me with my blogging.  She has been very busy doin lots of exciting stuff at work.   Well okay mebbe not this exciting.    And looking at that shot I'm not so sure that astronorts wear dangly earrings in their space helmet either.
 We have pretty much been left to our own d'vices and left to find our own fun.
 Last weekend Pop came over and Dog help him Euan was in charge!!!
 Is there no end to this?
 But wait....... there's more.............
 Does anyone know where the remote control is.  Turn it off right now.....
 dot.............dot..................dot................  my editor is clearly lost for words, I think she might be suffocating in that helmet.............
 Up at the beach a couple of weekends ago and confined to barracks.   We could only find the one bone to share.    Euan doesn't be doin sharin much.  Can you hear the whinging?
 Ahhh, now that's more like it.  The Rightful Heir to the Bone.
 Are you sure you brushed this morning Pop?
WWF or WTF?   You can see I am not perturbed by all the campground shenanigans. Speaking of collars, do you like my tartan that Aunty Geel brought me all the way over from Glasgow.   I just need  a castle to go with don't you think?

Monday, September 1, 2014


Bonnie, Clyde, Euan, Yoshi
Lets Get The Partay Started.
Clyde, Bonnie
 Twas a big day this weekend.  Euan turned one and there was a big party for his brothers and sister.
 I spy wif my beady eye, something beginning with lambies!!!
They hadn't seen each other since they were 8 weeks old but all got along like a house on fire.
 Jumping ginger!!!
 Round and round and round the pool
 Back the other way,  round and round and round the pool....
 Has anyone seen my brothers n sister?  How could I lose them?
 News of the party must have spread.  We had some of these turn up!!
What you lot doin back here then?  I thought you'd packed yer bags.
 Our Mum Nessie got to relax with the hoomans inside.
 Gather round lads - they've got to come out soon.
 Follow me - We're In!!
 Pleeease let me in.  I promise to sit quietly by the couch and just have pats.
The cake was also for William whos birthday it was too.  Happy Birthday William.
 Thanks for our party and letting us run riot.  We all think our brothers and sisters are fab.
 Doggy bags for to take home.
And thanks Yoshi for the squeaky toy.  Mum can now plot Euans squeaky progress round the house.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Last weekend did see us packed up in the van early Saturday morning and off down South to Paeroa for the weekend.   The race track is up for sale so we camped out there for the night. Had the place virtually to ourselves we did.
 Is this called breakin and enterin?  Aunty Janna showin us how its done.
 Doin our own private investigations,  no horse poop sadly, who would've thought!!!
And here they come runnin down the track thats Euan ahead by a nose, followed closely by the Bodester.  Ok so its more n a nose, if you wanna be pedantic about it.  I was on a poop findin mission okay!!
Did you know that a horse track is nearly 2 kays right round.  Thats a long way for our hairy little legs.  Smells to be sniffed, drains to be investigated, dogs to be barked at, took quite a while.
 Followed up by some campsite shennanigans,  practising the art of levitation.
Mum did wear her slippers ALL weekend,  even round town,  sheesh whats the world coming to?  Standards are slippin.
Sunday morning started off really foggy,  it got a bit sunny by 0900 but then back to foggy again,  didn't lift till 11am.
 Still,  that didn't stop us from gettin oot and aboot.
 Morning zoomies
 Followed by a spot of duck hunting,  is it hunting season?
 A cute wee hoose, that looks bout right for us,  would our couch fit in here? 
Foggy bottoms.   Lader.

Monday, August 18, 2014


 We did take Euan to the groomers today for his very first stripping.
This was what he looked like at 0800 this morning when we left the house....
 And this is who came home at noon.....
 Mum says not to worry,  despite his very growed up 'fro, he is still as silly as a chook.
And in case you think you can't tell us apart now - this be me on Sunday - 'laxin at the races.