Sunday, May 29, 2016


 As it was a special occasion today and being a Sunday an all we did get up and dressed in our formal attires.
 The plans for my birthday to meet me mates for a stroll in the domain and icecreams at the kiosk got scaled back hastily on account of the weathers.   UGH I doesn't do wet.
 We retired indoors at a rate of knots for to loll about in home comforts.  Even Spud got dressed for the occassion even though tying a Spud sized bow tie is no mean feat.  Mum reckons we look like a trio of doorknockers.   Lock yer doors and pretend ya not home!!!!
 We settled in for to watch the Arctic Eskimos and their reindeers n huskies n the Northern lights.     BRRRRRRRRRRRRR    chilly.
 Instead of a big walk n party games we did get all the gear out and do some nosework.  
A Kong for me while Euan does boxes and then we swap at half time.
 All the gear gets dragged out of the back room.
 No where is out of bounds.  Everywhere needs snootering and searching.
 I luff doing this.
 Happy to do this all afternoon but not sure Mums got the staminas.
 Euan is very good when hes waiting in gaol for his turn doesn't make a peep.   
Unlike my good self.  Yada yada yada.
 Aunty Jan & Aunty Kirsty did arrive for to celebrate so along with a coat in the bag I discovered me a  fried  up a sausage.   Nom nom NOM.  Thanks Aunty Jan & Aunty Kirsty.
 Does my butt look big in this?
 Spud did help light up the birthday candles.
 In fact Spud you're getting a little too close to the celebrations, jes sayin.
 MMMMM white chocolate strawberry cheesecake.  About to be my fave hopefully????
 Looking promising...........
 Ka Pai te keke Mum
 OIIIIIIIIII   Spuds getting overly friendly with the rest of the cake.  In fact I do have to ask what is he doing up on the table?  We do have some standards.   What a LIBERTY!!!
We have finished the day with a bit of an "old boy tidy up" paws n claws n eyes n ears 
sos I can see out and not slide on the floors.

Farewell 11.  Hello to 12.  Lots of quality naps n strolls ahead.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


 Mums getting all excited , its my birthday in 2 weeks so a few weeks ago she sent some photos of me off into the NETS.
A profile shot and a side view.  I'd just scoffed Mums almond croissant and half a Viennese cheesy topped loaf an hour before Aunty Laurel helped her wrangle this photo so she was a bit cross with me and told me that I was looking like a box.  How rude!!
I'm a bit concerned when Mum gets excited near my birthday.  Last time I asked for a big present and asked for noms she got me a HAMSTER.   I asked for a HAMPER for dogs sake.   If I ignore it will it go away?
 Really,  what were you thinking.  Who's birthday is this anyway??
 So on Saturday I went out to my friend Sophie the Blue Heelers house.
 Went for a walk and a photo shoot with Sophies Mum Tatiana
 Ah, that wasn't me that was my mini me and Sophies mini me.
Mini Sophie and Mini Bodie hereby named Spud
 It seems that Spud is already an agility champion.  Something I never mastered.
 He came home with us in his special crate
 Today he spent some time snootering round the estate.  He even has my trademark right ear with its special little pleat in it.
 He's pretty laid back like me too.  Think we're gonna get along fine
 He says he likes it here, we need to get his vet checks and his registration all done.
 But he said he can't breathe in the box till my birthday so can he stay out now.
 Dinner time with the big boys
 He's now stationed on sentry duty looking after the Goose and Stamford
Welcome to the family Spud and big thanks to Tatiana Kalnins.  Spud is gawjus!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


 Enough of the pawpawartsy.  Lets get this show on the road....
Once a week while Mums busy slaving down the salt mines Aunty Rach from Take The Lead comes round and takes us gadding about the hood.
 Sometimes its just us but most times theres back up....
 Thursdays is Terrier day.   Here's me, the giant amongst terriers.   Just small groups of dogs and we're all on a lead so there's no chance of getting lost or wandering off.
 While on other days we get to hang with the big guys Jasper and Lucas.  Borders borders everywhere.
 All these places are in our hood, we're pretty lucky really.  A snooterers paradise.
 Aunty Rach takes lots of photos and vids for to send to Mum sos she can see what a good time we are having, while shes having a similarly good time - snootering her way through spreadsheets.   *snorts*
 Top secret locayshun, if we told you where this photo was taken we would have to kill you. Don't we look special in pink?
 An off lead butterfly seen on our travels.
 And water water everywhere.  NZ is not far from water anywhere, you can see my joy at finding some to wallow in.  It's been very hot this summer so the occasional dabble is tolerated.
 Dont even think of making us go in that raging river,   its flowing too fast and we'll end up in the Waitemata Harbour.  We're not much of swimmers you know. 
What do you mean we are going home already.  This was so much fun, thanks Aunty Rach, see you next week.