Tuesday, July 28, 2015


 We had a week off last week.   Well to be honest life is a bunch of fluffy ducks for me n Euan, so ackshully it was Mums mid winter week off workin in the pod farm.
 We went North to stay at our little village on the Kaipara Harbour.   There tis, across what is known as the "Salt River".
 I thought holidays was meant to be loungin about but see what thought did.....
 This is a bit more strenuous than our usual early morning walk across the bedspread!
Pop and the Weasel or is that Pop goes the Weasel
 Lovely morning for photos, luckily Mum remembered the camera
Are we nearly there yet?
 Pop and his wingman
 It wasn't all hikin
 This is more what I had in mind.  Sunshine and some serious Zzzzzeds.
 Euans tryin lots of things to see what he likes doing.  Next year he might try to learn the trumpet but currently he's doing some tracking which he seems to love.
 Waiting for Mum to lay his next track.
The neighbours over the fence are experts at huntin and gatherin and passed this over the fence for dins one night.  Delish but not for me.
Psst,   we have to hold a summit meeting,  we have a serious problem...
 We could only find one tuggy in the cupboard and I'm no mathematician but it wasn't going to go round three musketeers.
 So after discussions with my chauffeur we made an emergency dash to the RD1 store in the next town.   Such a busy guy.
The guy at the store did ask Mum what kind of milking liners she needed.  She had to come clean - "Dont get too technical, they're dog toys". 
 Nearly done.

 One for everyone and one to spare.
 Thank goodness we brought Pop to babysit and give me a bit of a rest.
And our garden finally finished with edging and all.  Pretty fancy.   And two more trees planted and duly watered.   Busy busy busy doggles.

Monday, July 13, 2015


 Don't let that yellow stuff and cloudless blue sky fool you.    Tis freezing here, coldest winter in about 40 years we is told.  We did go over to the local estate to get some photos of my gorgeous self in my winter furs.
We love days like this and got out in it all weekend - boots, hairy coats n all.
 On Sunday we were invited to our friend Cleos farm.
On with the gumboots and off for a big adventure over the paddocks.
 A field full of dogs, the cows is over the top of the hill.
 Hmmmm, wish I'd brought my gumboots,  I'm a city dog don't ya know....
 The Germans had to stay on lead so that they didn't have words with the cows.
And Mum kept me on a lead too cos she said she couldn't keep her eye on two terrorists who blow in different directions,  and take photos.  I didn't really care anyway as I normally stick to Mums treat pocket.
 So Euan got to run amok instead.
 And Jasper,  of course he was the King of Amok.
 Sunshine, fresh air, space to run in and a veritable smorgasbord of fresh cow poop.  What a delicious day.
 The big walk up the hill back to the house.
 Onny n Jasper
 Shadow n Smudge
The beautiful view, not a cloud to be seen and no wind.  Heavenly - we would like to thank our hosts for a wonderful day.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

150 - 86 - 24 - EXHAUSTED

 I am writing this from the safest position in the house.  Its been a pretty full on two weekends and like a sensible bloke I am staying well away from the action.
 In our front lawn we have a great big post box for peemail and a few weeks ago the postage guys were just meant to come and check on it.  However they also arrived with a truckload of mulch about a month earlier than Mum was going to order it to complete the garden.   And dropped it in a tidy pile on the lawn.
So, long story short it had to be undone and redone - cause the grass was just gonna grow through it and plants needed to be planted and hoses relaid.
 So 150 meters of weed mat,  86 wheelbarrowloads removed and replaced,  24 holes dug for grasses, flaxes and ferns.
 One small brown nuisance.
 Hello feijoa tree,  you and me are going to be great friends.
 Not helping.
 Still not helping....
 Nosey neighbour
 Job done
 Meanwhile back in the house,  Euan entertainin his guest
 What guest?   Busy
 Mum says she is the one that feels like this.   In fact even this looks a little lively.
Looking forward to a more relaxing weekend in 5 days time.