Friday, June 19, 2015


 Weekends I luff you.   Let me count the ways.....
 Its the shortest day of the year so in between the dark bits there'll be some indulgence in nappin.
Followed by some of my fave thing.  Hold on tight, the excitement is killing me.
 Did you know that doggles can sleep 18 hours a day?  We like to push the boundaries so might aim for 19 this weekend.
 A walk is on the schedule,   just the one, mebbe two if it doesn't rain although its not looking good according to the mans on the tv.  Sigh,  might be more napping than thought.
The Dog Whisperer
 Hope to catch up with some friends.   4 Borders and a Bert.
Weather permittin Euan even has a spot of Clean Boot Tracking planned.  Mum says she has no idea what she is doing but hey.   Thats never stopped her to date.  Onward and upward.
Pleeeeease   FEED ME.
 Home trackin will probably just be from the bed to the pantry.  Follow me, I know the way.
Have a great weekend efurrybody.  Have the next two days off - on me!!

Friday, May 29, 2015


 Today being a very special day we started the day off with my favouritist game.
 The ginga ninja my trusty partner in crime at my side.
 See how early it was, Mum is to be commended for dragging her carcass out of bed.
Me n the early morning sunshiny lizard.  Who knew it was this beautiful this early in the mornings?
 Ok,  hurry up with the photos, its actually flipping freezing, my paws is gonna drop off.
Some morning treaties before Mum went off to a conference.  Bout Dogs - of course.
 So this evenin - a guy has to dress for those special 'casions don't ya think?
 My dinner partner even dressed in his camos.  Think he woulda preferred commando to camos, the scary velcro doesnae impress him.
 Candles for some bro mance......
 Oh My -  Dog, food for efferyone, some waters for Mum and chickens for all the fandamily.
 Me waiting ever so patienty for my cake to be built. Rattle your dags Mum, a guy could die of starvation while you spells me name.
 Ah, lookit that a work of art.  And no one gonna die of Mums cooking.  Chicken and Black pudding cake.  To die for.   If you haven't guessed it already.  Happy Birthday to Me.  11!!!!

 Some for me n some for Euan McEwan.   
CHEERS!   Here's to another fine year of tuggies, smooches, walks, naps n wuzzes.
The Bodester

Friday, May 22, 2015


 It's a big job being a teenage idol.
 Stalked 24/7,  dint know I was this interestin but Euan certainly thinks so...
 Even ignorin him doesn't work.....
Is he still behind me?  Oh and Mum says to tell you that is not a poop on the floor beside Euan,   heavens what were you thinking...
Tis a bit of scrummy tree that has been picked up "Dog Knows Where as We Don't Have Any BigTrees" on the farm yet.   
 I do luff him really...... when he's not bein a pest.......
Tune in next week,  big newz.....

Saturday, April 25, 2015


Just going through the archives and found some previously unshared footage of Mrs Magoo.  She was seriously insane about football.   And just in case you was thinking that Goo was the size of a small rat - this is one of those large tennis balls.
 Decisions decisions.   Magoo must be a Libran like Mum.   Decision making is just too hard.
So hard to be a football star when you have another ball stuffed in ya gob.
A happy little bunny.
So we dusted off Goos legendary ball this week and brought it out for Euan to check it out.   As above - hes giving it a right old snootering.
Euan is very very suspicious of anything new.  Life in general has to be approached with caution.  Just in case -   we're not sure just in case what of.  There's no such thing as being "too" suspicious in Euans world.
If Euans life had background music Jaws would be playing round about now.
 Such a brave boy.   I mean this thing gets around and has moved on its own!!!.   Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
 You just stay there.  I'm not gonna turn my back on you.
Oh now its moved to over by the fence.  Needs more checking out.  We do have to report that we have left scary ball out on the lawn for a week.  And it hasn't moved from the fence so it is very well behaved.    Euan has not made friends with it.
 As for me, can you guess what I've been doing for the past few weeks.  Balls are SO last year.
All day gourmet
 Getting merrily full and drunk on ripened guavas.
Even the grass is fermented.  I am a furry happy guy.  Hic

Friday, April 3, 2015


Bring me a fan
 We've had a blinder of a summer.   Has been hot as all get up.
Agility By The Sea
Euan has done a bit of trainy training.  The first time the jumps went up on the lawn here he looked at them like he had never seen jumps in his life.
 There's been more shenanigans going on than training....  we have to be honest
 President and Vice President of the Shenanigans committee.
A quorum of two and meetings rage on for hours
 And hours
Awwww best buddies, Euan & Georgie
What you doing Cooper?
 On the other hand,  Cooper is too cool for thems meetings
Why won't you play with me?
 And not interested in playing with the young buck at all.
 Same for me,  too hot to be racing about with the young things...
I guess thats a no then....
 Can we come and help with the sunset photos Mum,  Promise we won't leg it over the fields and down to the beach while you're busy with the camera.
 Last sunset of summer
 Arty farty shot in the bedroom window.
 Can you tuck me in please.  I've had a really really big day.
Night night, sleep tight.