Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Border Terrier Gym.  Class Time - Mondays & Fridays.  No Lock in Contracts  Current members from left to right.  TAMALEE - Cleaner,  EDDIE - New Member,  PIPER - Silver Membership,  TWEED - Gold Membership,  ISLA - Preschool Puppy,  EUAN - Gym Junkie.
 As part of your gym membership you'll receive unlimited FREE sessions with our qualified instructors.
 Has my personal trainer arrived yet?
Something for everyone - Boxing class
 Pushups -   STAND
 And DOWN   5 Reps please.   And snacks
 Maybe my instructor is stuck in Auckland traffic?
 Tweed waiting for further instructions
 Piper multi tasking on core strength and down stay.
 Eddie working on his new programme.  A big back stretch to start.  Cos warm ups are impawtant.
 Not sure what this move is called.   Ed looks confused,  am I in the right class?
 Maybe I'll just blow this popsicle stand and go find a bone?
 The snacks in this joint are delicious.  
 Ed who is fast becoming the Sylvester Stallone of BT Gym works on his abs.
 High Five
I have decided I will just do my own workout.

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  1. I've just come across your blog and I'm very much enjoying what I've seen so far. We are now on our 4th Border - Buddy - who is just 14 weeks old. I've started a blog about him because, like you, I hope to let others see what good companions Borders are. Our blog is at http://buddy.keynet.org.uk/ - have a look sometime.