Saturday, June 3, 2017


 It has been a busy few weeks at the BT Hotel.  I am beyond exhausted!!
 We have even been running tours to country retreats.   I do have a complaint for management.  How is it that the guests get the penthouse suites and I haf to share with the Euan on long journeys?
Wanna dance?
 Euan has been crowned master of ceremonies on the Entertainment Front.
 Inside,   Outside,  Any side.  Nowhere is sacred.
 He has made great friends with our new guest Loki.
 Although I'm not so sure if Euan likes being used as a pillow - that may be pushing it.  Or maybe he's just not enjoying the batman bluesuit.  Hard to tell.
 Loki has made hisself right at home.   Seriously mate, have some decorum.
 Loki has declared us now the Three Stooges.   Hmmmmm
 Mum has been stalked about the house for 3 days.
 Meals have been snoopervised.  That's beyond the call of duty and an impossible task really.  Good on yer mate for being there and good luck with that.  Even we don't hang about.
 I'm totally wrecked,  all these young things.
 This couch is full.  You will have to catch the next one.
I have however had some backup on the Snoopervising front with the lovely Silver Tamalee.
 Just keeping an eye out on Euan and Tweed.
 N Euan and Isla
 Escorting Tamalee round the country estate.
Showin her my retirement village

 Even managed to get a family shot.  Take a good look at Loki here cos some things are about to change.
Somewhere in the last two weeks I turned 13.   I was taken for a walk with my tribe.  
 On the good side we now have back up to roust out Ronald Weasley next door.

 Loki has taken it a step further and keeps an eye out for Ronald on every front.
 The three stooges.
Please explain.  Where have all these brown dogs come from?  Even the vet is calling you a Crazy Dog Lady!

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  1. Thanks for your help with Loki. I am pleased that you and Rosemarie were able to help Kim out. Claire