Saturday, December 17, 2016


 Twas the week before Christmas  When all through the hood
The creatures were restless      And up to no good
 The Bodester loud barking    At Ronald next door
Sat teasing by fence    An ongoing war
 Ron lurks behind fence   From dusk until dawn
"See how fast you can run    When your feet hit OUR lawn!!!
 The Euans been busy     With loo paper shredded
A gift just for you Mum   I have lovingly deaded
 His present from last year     Round garden well travelled
"Can I have please a new one    This toy has unravelled!!
 Christmas Down Under       White Snow there is none
Just black sand and jandals     And lots of good fun
 Meanwhile Grinch is out cruising    Electric his bike
Can't race round the world  On a rusty ole trike
 He sails through the hood   ONYA new F19
Leaving folks in his wake  Not quite sure what they'd seen
Yum  hay,  Our favourite
No Dasher no Dancer no Vixen     Not needed
In the barn eating yoghurt  hay   They're now obsoleted
 The Grinch doesn't need reindeer  To pull him along
40 Volts in the rear hub   And co pilot strong
 Even Spud has a role to play   Guarding the tree
Don't even think it    On this you can't pee!!!
 So Santa   our presents?   To help make us merrier
"Are you sure you've behaved   I hear you be terriers!!!"
 We doesn't need presents  and fancy sweetbreads
Just a lovely safe place   To lay our sweet heads
To our friends here at Christmas   We hope you're well fed
Bowl of water,  hugs, cuddles   And a warm comfy bed


  1. lol, gorgious! merry Xmas Bodes and Euan, opps and yes, you too Mich!!!!
    Onny, Jas and ....opps me too!

  2. This is gorgeous Michelle. You are so clever, even Sean laughed! I love the new dog-mobile.
    Talk before Christmas. Love Josie

  3. It's always such a pleasure to see the pix of your BTs enjoying life. A happy 2017 to you all.


  4. Very cute photo! Thank you for sharing. Keep up the great posts! :)

    Take care,

  5. Excuse me....he's wearing a xmas hat while on the bike????