Saturday, November 19, 2016


Do I want to go for a walk.  8kms,  Let me think about that.    
Ah NO but thank you for asking.
 Feel free to invite the mad squirrel
I'm sure he will walk to the moon and back with you.
 Hmmm,  I smell hints of baby deer,  or maybe notes of horse.....
 Et voila le nez is always right,  horses d'óofers,  
fresh out of the kitchen,  
organic,  vegan, 
Breakfast of champions.
 You want I give you kiss??
   Someone is going to get his beard scrubbed when he gets home.
 Just when Mum was congratulating herself on how Euans 5m lead had skirted sucessfully round the restaurant floor.     UGH.  Pride cometh before a fall.
I'm not sure that the 99.99% miracle cure kept in the car is up to the job.  I think Hors D''óuvres might fit into the 0.01% not covered in the fine print.
Still,  thats Mum scrubbed up all nicely,  well nicely for Mum and off to brunch.

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