Sunday, January 8, 2017


 So Sunday saw us all up bright and early.  Euan was off to the woods for to participate in a social experiment.   And I made a supreme effort to stagger from the depths of the duvet to sunbathe on the deck. See yous both later.
What do you mean you're leaving me.  Does he have a dog drivers licence?
AIM:   To observe a novice handler in an unfamiliar environment with an experienced tracking dog following a laid track.
EQUIPMENT:  One dog,  lead and harness, keep quietbribes,  two humans,  good shoes and fast legs. Spare human and dog for backup plan A.
INSTRUCTIONS:  Give the track layer 5 minutes head start.  Hang onto the end of the lead at all costs.   Expect some back tracking may occur.
PROCEDURE:  Track layer disappears into the depths of the forest,  dog whines at Volume 10, novice handler gives dog copious amounts of food to keep it happy ish.
0-32km/h in under 6 seconds
TTD tracking = Tracking Through Drive where you run with the dog,  it means you may overshoot the track so need to expect the occasional turnaround.   Mum did watch them flying past both ways on the ridge on one speedy backtrack.
 Run Forest Run
 Mum was glad it wasn't her legs getting a hammering.
Good Job.   No humans or dogs were harmed in this experiment.  No one was lost and no legs fell off.  CONCLUSION:  A novice handler doesn't second guess the dog.     You have to Trust your Dog.
 We did have health and safety backup plan in place in case of lossages!!  
Our trusty back up nose crew.
Tree wrap, a common tracking hazard
 Foot step tracking,  much more sedate and controlled.   
Do Not Disturb

Thanks to cousin Simon for participating in todays games.

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