Monday, October 10, 2016


Tonight I am reporting from the comfort and relative safety of the lounge
Jump into lap on low perch
 Euan has been on a mission these past few weeks to learn a new trick each week.  The latest trick is JUBUBS.   Jump up.  So Mum n Euan have been out in the yard and jumpin around.
Jump into a chair
 Euan doesn't get his dinner in a bowl anymore.  He has to work for it.
Slightly higher
 Poor sod
Coming ready or not
 Mum seems to need a lot of proppin up, what's that about
 Just give me me dins..     I'm starvin
 So far so good by the end of Week 1.
 Next they took their horse and pony show up to club cos Mum was having some issues.
 Once there was no wall to prop Mum up her body fell apart, her lap dropped out, her back was all hunched and Euan got quite concerned.   "Are you okay Mum  - them buns of steel might be broken!!. So after some discussion with Aunty Barb and Aunty Kelly Mum knew she had to change something.
 The next week nothing much happened.  Mum calls this "Latent Learning".  I call it "Business As Usual".

 After a week of LL or BAU you will see the body position was changed and now Euan can generalise it all over the back yard.
 Are you ready for this .........
 I can jump up over there
 I can jump up over here
 Over there
 Over here
I can jubup ANYWHERE


  1. Ahhh, but that last pic is an old one LOL!


  2. BOL....altho az enee gud terrier kno da only good trik is da nappin...sorree i mite haz not been reedin yore blog of late my als...haz been a furree bizee time