Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 Sunday morning saw us up bright and early for to get Euan to his DOGA class on time.
 With doggies that do lots of training and leaping about its good to make sure they have strong muscles & flexibility sos not to get injured with all the fast jumping and twisting and turning.  Aunty Kelly checking on Euans rear end muscles that he's been strengthening up with his power sit to stands on perches.
 Checking out for bony landmarks on Evolution the demo pup.
 Measuring the front to back angles to check on balance.
 Et voila,  Euan has a muscle!!!!!!  Just a wee one.
 The verdict was that Euan has built up front and rear muscles and now needs to work on his core muscles.   He has ribs but no ABS.    Just like Mum!!!!
 So to build these up his exercises are front stretches out straight and then up high.
First standing on a solid platform.   Or two, to isolate his feet and make sure he doesn't move about the other three legs.
 Then on an unstable perch to make it harder.  And punch and punch....
Then lateral stretches with elevated rear end to put more weight on the front.
Its just a step to the left .............
 And then a step to the right, and rinse and repeat....
 And a bow with rear end elevated.   We can see those ABS cooking nicely.
 A nice big back stretch.   Also good for doggies with flat back feet....
 Another front stretch
 Platform pivot work first on front feet then on back feet.
 Lateral stepping
 And even for puppies.   You're never too young.  Vegas  14 weeks.
Euan now has a nightly exercise regime while he eats his dins.  
Bend and strrrrrrrrrrretttttttch...........

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  1. Wow, beautiful pictures of you!!! Looks like you had so much fun! You did an AMAZING job:)