Saturday, December 5, 2015


Its not every day that you discover a previously undiscovered dog park in the middle of a big city by the sea.
 And to find 3 handsome Border terriers in as yet undiscovered dog park just made our Sunday even betterer.....
 Who knew this was here???  Clearly not us.....
This is Fergus the grizzle border terrier from Rotorua and Milo the red border terrier from Hastings.  
 They got on like a house on fire...
 Euan introducing himself from afar.   Mr Nonchalant.
 Mr Nonchalant getting a little closer.    Oh a belly rub, my fave thing.
 Milo was clearly the flavour of the day.  We do think the stinky swamp that he had wallowed in on the way back from the beach was adding to his allure.
Hmmm,  now you notice me,  do you like my new flash git harness?   Mum says I am a weasel and this is a no escape harness that I can't weasel out of.  Seems to be working.
 Mmmm,  hint of new canvas,   no underlying tones of swamp water.  Clearly a clean freak.
 Back to the new Besties...
 Did you hear the one about the rabbit and the fox?
Well nice meeting you guys.   Places to go, treats to be eaten, couches to lie on.

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  1. Ello for yoo my pals....sorry we haz not been ere much of late....iz good to see yoo in fine form.....I fink yoo haz realize dat de 2016 calendurr be owt...ope yoo get it in da post soon....let I kno if yoo need elp wiv it