Monday, November 16, 2015


Did you know that us doggles have 220 million sniffables in our noses compared with youse humans who only have 5 million.  Long story short people,  our noses are the boss.  And while you're all busy using yer eyes, we are much more busy using our noses.   WHO KNEW!!!!!
Mum is always looking out for new and interestin stuff for to keep us amused - so on Sunday Euan went on a Nosework course to test out his skills and for to learn some new ones.  He was in good company.
 Here's Plum waiting for the first session of the day which was working with boxes.  Building drive and stamina.
 This is pretty cool.   About 15 boxes scattered about with treats in a few of them.  Gotta search all the boxes, once twice and thrice just in case.  The humans don't need to say anything.  We've got this covered,  self rewarding and our happy levels just go up and up.
Trainer Angelika was sneakin round moving about the boxes to keep it interactive and occasionally slipping another treaty into a box before she quietly put it down again while us doggles weren't lookin.
 Sneakin, sneakin , sneakin
 Sometimes she would pick up three boxes and just sneak a treaty into one before puttin them down.  Sometimes she would pick up a box and put it down again with no treaty, trying to stay one cunning step ahead of our noses.
 Mila waiting her turn.   Mila is two,  just like Euan.  And we all know Beagles know noses!!!
 Session 2 was introducing stuff other than boxes and introducing elevation.  So to get the noses up off the ground , or to bring attention to certain areas - sometimes a box nearby helped.  
 BINGO,  just like the textbook.....
 Humans bags are ALWAYS worth a sniffle or two
 Alfie the whippet waiting patiently  - Mr Cool Calm and Collected
 Everything had to be snootered, no helmet left unturned
 Euan waiting his turn, he looks patient here.  Must have been a trick shot,  he was chomping at the bit to get huntin.  He loves "find it"....
 Some of the stuffs were perched precariously in this round.  So for the more sensitive doggies it helps build braveries.   Euan was the "demonstration model" for bravery building.
 Ohhhhh, I know its under there but that lids a bit wobbly,  I might come back to it and have another go in a minute.  Plenty more other stuff to be sniffed and snootered.
 Holly,  ready and waitin to be unleashed
 All of the doggies just kept searching until the handler called "Finish" and put them on lead.  They always finished on a win just after finding a treaty.
 Sassy having a rest in between rounds.   No looking Sassy, we're setting up the next "hide".
 A treat by a toy!!!!!
 Hmmm, that was an easy one.
 As you can see, theres all sorts of stuff.  Mum has started the collection today with a pair of world champion runners from Aunty Mel.  Ánd 3 boxes.
 Hmmm a swinging helmet.  Not scary for Sassy,  but was scary for Euan.
 All of the treaties have to be accessible cos us doggles are not meant to wrestle with the equipment.  I mean ya don't see the dogs at the airport digging holes in the suitcases do you.  WOOF.
Session three was to begin searches outside.  So to keep us in the know about what we were doing - there were a few boxes outside scattered about.
 Some "hides"in boxes and some in corners and the environment.   Hmmmm Liver 2015....
 Euan checkin the box before checkin up the stairs.
 Sassy has found the treat at the top of the stairs,  now on the way back down.
 Alfies handler demonstratin the correct leash handling technique. 
Nailed it!!
 And finally the ole car check.   This car smells absolutely delish.
 Alfie sniffin out the upwind car,  waitin patiently for his turn....
 Edible wheels,  check
 Twas very windy ,   if Sassy lifts her nose she'll find the treat.
 Hmmmmm,   fresh spider, recent hatching.....
 I'll take care of the right hand side of the car guys...
 And Holly waiting for the final run....  Just shows how focused we can be when the wind direction is coming at us hey.
 Plenty of treaties for everydog.
Mum says 120million Thanks to Angelika from www.happytailsdogtraining.co.nz
We're converts and this weekend shes gonna get some stuff together cos Euans told me all about it and I want a turn too.


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  2. It looks like a great time was had by all!

  3. That looks like great fun :) We hope you get to go again soon :) Milo & Jet