Saturday, January 2, 2016

XMAS 2015

The sun has turned on full volume for the end of our 2015 so two weeks RnR at the beach with our besties was on the menu.
 Bertie did come to stay for a day but he was a bit homesick.  Euan kept him company down by the gate.    A caring guy that Euan,  unlike me who could always be found catchin up on some much needed naps on the couch.
 Euan and his bestest bestie.
 It was not all loungin about, there was jobs to be done.  Much mulch to be shifted.
 Lawns to be mowed.
Ok,  so I've had a furry busy year.  Sleep to be caught up on.
 Grassy fields to highjump through.
 Seriously this is eggzaustin,  a guy could get lost in here.
 Whose idea was this exactly.
 Ah sustenance, thank you much!!!
 Scent training
Santas down under style
 Mum got new cushions but as expected they went to the dogs.
 Maximum level of comfy.
 Me n my BFF Mum, waiting for the sunset.
2015  DONE

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  1. Appy not yeer my pals....gid to see yoo haz satisfactoree oliday periud....best to catch up on da naps now befaw it all kik off again....