Wednesday, November 11, 2015


 This week I was asked to test a new product out on the market.  No job too big or small.   Just call in the Bodester.....
 As with all new products helf and safety is a must.  Approach with caution.
 Giving it the snooterin test.   Mmmm,   hints of "Liver 2015"
 Applyin some gentle pressure.... from the rear
 Applyin some gentle pressure from the front
 My safety manager watchin on was just ecstatic that there was no excited terrier  swearins durin the whole test.    Safety managers appear to be so easily ecstaticized I have found.
 Robust machine which survived the ole terrier gnarling on the top end.  This is a very tuff product.  TICK
 Investigatin the correct ejection procedure....TICK
 Testin the incorrect injection procedure...... I wouldn't have failed it for this though
 Excellent stabilization....TICK
 You will notice that my 2IC did not interfere with the testin procedure.  In fact my 2IC also known as Mr Suspicious was fearful of new product as he is of all product launches which is why I am the CEO of testin.  He wouldn't even enter the testin area.
 I do think for new learners it might need simplifying in the initial stages for early payback as the bottle is swinging to full ejection mode but not ejectin all the time.  And "perseverance" is not my middle name as you know.  Neither is Bob,  there you go!!!
 My supervisor did get the hint.
 We have put in an order for one....   
 Mr Suspicious will have to be trained up on it with a clicker
Mum said I had to put this photo of my little bother brother at the end of this weeks blog because there were too many photos of just me.   Problem much?  SIGH

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