Sunday, July 5, 2015

150 - 86 - 24 - EXHAUSTED

 I am writing this from the safest position in the house.  Its been a pretty full on two weekends and like a sensible bloke I am staying well away from the action.
 In our front lawn we have a great big post box for peemail and a few weeks ago the postage guys were just meant to come and check on it.  However they also arrived with a truckload of mulch about a month earlier than Mum was going to order it to complete the garden.   And dropped it in a tidy pile on the lawn.
So, long story short it had to be undone and redone - cause the grass was just gonna grow through it and plants needed to be planted and hoses relaid.
 So 150 meters of weed mat,  86 wheelbarrowloads removed and replaced,  24 holes dug for grasses, flaxes and ferns.
 One small brown nuisance.
 Hello feijoa tree,  you and me are going to be great friends.
 Not helping.
 Still not helping....
 Nosey neighbour
 Job done
 Meanwhile back in the house,  Euan entertainin his guest
 What guest?   Busy
 Mum says she is the one that feels like this.   In fact even this looks a little lively.
Looking forward to a more relaxing weekend in 5 days time.


  1. Aunty Jan says, " looking great!!!" just love that nosey neighbour shot ?

  2. OMG you've been busy :)

  3. OMd my pals...I haz been away fur a bit an I come ome to find yoo dun it like dis...pffft...i ope mum preesheeate all da werk wot yoo dun