Monday, July 13, 2015


 Don't let that yellow stuff and cloudless blue sky fool you.    Tis freezing here, coldest winter in about 40 years we is told.  We did go over to the local estate to get some photos of my gorgeous self in my winter furs.
We love days like this and got out in it all weekend - boots, hairy coats n all.
 On Sunday we were invited to our friend Cleos farm.
On with the gumboots and off for a big adventure over the paddocks.
 A field full of dogs, the cows is over the top of the hill.
 Hmmmm, wish I'd brought my gumboots,  I'm a city dog don't ya know....
 The Germans had to stay on lead so that they didn't have words with the cows.
And Mum kept me on a lead too cos she said she couldn't keep her eye on two terrorists who blow in different directions,  and take photos.  I didn't really care anyway as I normally stick to Mums treat pocket.
 So Euan got to run amok instead.
 And Jasper,  of course he was the King of Amok.
 Sunshine, fresh air, space to run in and a veritable smorgasbord of fresh cow poop.  What a delicious day.
 The big walk up the hill back to the house.
 Onny n Jasper
 Shadow n Smudge
The beautiful view, not a cloud to be seen and no wind.  Heavenly - we would like to thank our hosts for a wonderful day.

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  1. Wot a fun day yooo haz my pals...at leest winter haz not spoyl anyfing