Monday, November 24, 2014


 You wouldn't believe what I saw going on here this week.    Next year Euan is gonna be two and is looking forward to starting his steller agility career.
 So that hes nice and limber and bendy he will be doing warmups so he doesn't get injuries.
He gets his own pawsonal trainer - a true fitness professional...
Being sure to stretch on both sides so you don't get a list on....
 Ohhhhhhh its dark under here,  can somedoggy turn the lights on please.
Do I look relaxed to you?
Getting used to being relaxed on his back
Does my butt look big in this?
 This move is called the baby orangutan impawsonation.
 Remember this photo which appears to have been the defining moment of my own stupendous agility career.  There's nothing wrong with a comfy couch and some doggone drivel on tv I say.
 Stomach crunches  - 5 reps  and a one, and a two
 Side view,  can you see his abs starting to appear
This is a warm up,  its called tantric breathing and I am being very careful not to add to my major injuries.
 And mat.............
And relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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