Monday, December 15, 2014


365 days of dog biscuits n bones later and it's that time of year.
We were furry honoured to get a letter from BTHQ again this year with a copy of this years Border Terrier Posse Calendar sent all the way from over the wobbly blue thing.
Thanks you for thinking of us Marley,  we have had a good read of before Mum squirrels it away to her pod farm to keep her amused at werk.   The calendars are sold in aid of BT rescue in the UK.
There's a serious lack of anything to report from our kingdom at the mo.  Apparently this is summer.  We are awaiting some of the shiny stuff to top up our Vitamin Dees. 
 Is there any Vitamins in this?    MoOOOooo.
Really who ordered this weather,   did you keep the receipt,  can we get a refund?  
If I ignore you will you go away?
 I am not in the good books this week either, its not been a good week...
 I've kind of got back to my wicked habit of encouraging Euan to clean out my ears.  Goo used to do it but she got tired of it. At which stage my ears cleared up.   And now Euan has stepped up to the challenge.  Resulting in a nicely infected ear from ear licking.    Mum is NOT amused.
 What do you mean I have to go to the vet?  Just put my ears down and don't be lookin at it.
 Don't be lookin at me with your hairy eyeball,  two can play that game....
Once again I the Bodester get to wear the  trewsers hat in the family.  Have a fun and safe Christmas everydoggy and well report back in 2015.

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  1. Urrah! Fank dogness da post ave werk agane my pals....appy calendurrin