Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Second time this year, the rare and elusive bucket dog is sighted in the wilds of central Auckers. 
 The ongoing fence saga continues.  At the beginning of the year the fence on the other side came down while the neighbours pulled the garage down and rebuilt.  And April this year the wind blew so hard the fence on this side came down and has been propped up as of late till our neighbour could get to fixing.  Here it is all fixed and just like a bought one.
 Unfortunately in the few weeks it took to build, my snoopervising saw me cut my cheek on a nail that was sticking out of a board.    Mum was not amused.  My head was in a bucket earlier this year with my eye lump that was removed.   I'm getting resigned to being Monsieur Bouquet.
The bucket did come off for a few days but my carpet surfing removed my scab off my healing face and we was back to square one.   Mum was less amused and the bucket has been on again for 7 days again now.   I think I have a few more to go.  SIGH
 So while I'm still happily mooching about doing pretty much same old same old - 
do you think Euan wants a hat like mine?
There are a few drawbacks.  While I can still get under the duvet at night and Mum finds me curled up under the bedclothes in the morning with me helmet on....
 There are things that even a supa hero like myself just can't quite manage.
 Don't just stand there Euan!!!  Go and get Jeeves to open this door.
 We did also try to make a video clip for you of our usual evening entertainments.
 Can we play pick up 52 now?.   Its 0800 which is the right time.
 Which involves throwing all the toys out of the toybox,  a dozen pairs of socks, and all the tuggies.
 And we race about and bring it all back.     
However the video bits on the new computer are not working.   Mum is gonna have to get in a computer guy.   I am trying to tell Mum that this is probably not the right guy but she thinks hes probably worth a call.   Reckon?


  1. YIkes....da cone of shame...bad looks my pal...did yoo see I messij bowt da BT calendurr? Yoo can see it ere http://shop.feelwells.co.uk/btposse-calendar-2015-38-c.asp and I haz one for yoo wot i can post...is our Xmas prezzie fur yoo

    1. Thanks Clapton, we luff your BT calendar, in fact Mum whipped it away from under me eyes and it got absconded to her office where it brightens their days. And you have probably noticed some of the plagiarising she does from it. Shameless. Mum will send you a pm

  2. Haha - sounds good to us!

    We love your header photo!

    Monty and Harlow