Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 The furnishings have been havin a right royal chewin lately.   Imagine the dramas if it was me the Bodester doing that.  He gets away with murder.
Gnaw gnaw gnaw....
 It would seem bayb puppy be teething.    Having a lie down with a faceache?
 On Saturday when he was playin with his ball Mum noticed bloods all over it and then half an hour later look what got spat out on the floor!!!
 His first tooth.
Off to the dentist for a quick checkup.  Oh no,  not the dentist!!!!
Well the maths adds up,  one tooth be out and one hole be in.  What did you think you was gonna see then?
Looking more like Bugs Bunny don't you think?
So,  tooth out - check,  hole in - check,  the next step be some intense negotiations with the tooth fairy.
How much does a first tooth be worth in the 21st century??
It did look like Euan needed some advisory help so I was called in to  wrap things up and make sure he wasn't bein taken advantage of.   "What currency are we payin for this tooth.  Euros or the Greenback?  I don't think we can accept NZ Shekels.  There will never be another first tooth. And NO you can't put it on your VISA!!"
We did get a lovely surprise in the post on the weekend.  Our friends Marley n Lola n Clapton sent us the Border Terrier Posse calendar for 2014.  It came all the way on the big plane from England.  The  monies from the calendar helps support terrier rescue over there.
Marley did start the BT posse up on twitter in 2010 so that lots of the BTs in the UK can keep in tweety touch.  And they have even met for gatherins and walks around the UK.   Have a look at this here where they had a big meetup in Hyde Park.   http://marleyandlola.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/bts-at-da-park.html

Thanks so much guys that is really thoughtful of yous.  Mum has taken it to work at the pod farm and keepin all the troops entertained when they're not drinking the coffees and starin at their pooters.


  1. we really needed those chuckles right now, great post

  2. Hurrah! Glad it ave arrive my pals…..opes you enjoy it…..Claptun is prowd to be wun of da cover stars…..we lets yoo kno when we dooin it agane new year an meebe yoo can send foto and be innit….

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