Wednesday, January 8, 2014


An update on our two weeks break.   Mum has been doin huge amounts of lyin on the couch nappin,  jobs round the house, and Euan n me have been having little social gatherins in the backyard.  One sunny afternoon Cinnamon and Mint came round to play.
While I numptied round the garden kept a watch on the estate -  Euan played host with the most and entertained the guests.  Sayin hi to Mint.
 Sayin hi to Cinnamon,  Cinnamon really likes puppies....
 Hi jinks with Cinnamon and Mint
We got to meet our new cousin Herbie.  Herbie is 5 and needed a new forever home and is now part of the family.
While he did say hello to Euan and gibben him a right snooterin......
 He kind of decided that he only had eyes for me............
Well what can I say huh?   I have my own stalker.
 Not to be outdone in the fan club department -  Euan did meet Georgie, another Border who is only one week older n Euan.   I think it was lurv at first sight, they played n .......
 played   n..............
 played n..............
 ok enough of that - next.............
 up at club one night we had a social gatherin for a puppy playdate - meeting Denzil who is younger n Euan.
More shenanigans.....
All the gingers..... can you see Euan?
 Went walking with more friends out in the forest.  We do walks most weekends with our mate Chopper.
And to finish the day off Euan got to go for his first ever swim.  Sniggers,  I didn't hafto thank goodness.
 Hmmmm,   he might grow to like it.  ........ gotta try everything once I guess
Not looking like a love affair with watery stuff at this stage,  he did have to go back in for a rinse cycle as he rolled in the black sand on his first hasty exit.     Hope your Christmas break is going as swimmingly as ours.


  1. Wow…yoo haz a lot of pals….is good for Yooun to be meeting an greeting ……well done hims for bein so good

  2. You know Mint and Cinnamon? Lucky you. I like that Herbie. All fluffy and white. Very cool.