Saturday, December 14, 2013


This morning I was in a spot of trouble.   Who me, what have I done now?
Seems I performed illegal open heart surgeries on the cuddly.  The legality issue is simply that this cuddly is not my patient.  Tis Euans.  And seems it didn't need surgeries at all?  Well scuse me but I thought all stuffies needed destuffing and Euan was takin too long about it!!!
So off to the toy store to stock up on some Christmas surprises and a new stuffie to be destuffed for Euan for his Christmas stocking.   Via a walk at Big King Reserve on the way with my partners in crime.    We did leave Euan at home cos he has one final shot to go before he can go on long walkabouts.
We three Kings of Orient Are, one in a tractor one in a car,  one on a scooter......
 Down to business at the Pet Store.    Oh check out the potential patients in here.  They would last about two minutes given a terrier test.
 Ah forget the stuffies, this aisle is all for me.  Did someone mention "treats".
 Here they are Mum,  a new cuddly for Euan.   Maybe this time I could have one of my own?
While we were there we had to get another one of these.  Euans first name tag lasted a princely sum of 12 hours.  Mum came home and found he had scratched the phone numbers on the back and the front and it was a useful as a leaf.
So,  bets are on as to how long this one lasts.....
 Back home again for the afternoon romp in the sun.   I'm not sure which one of us is meant to be keeping the other one out of trouble.
My scariest look,  doesn't seem to cut no ice with Euan.
 No respect for his elders, he uses me as a table.....
And as a chair. just sit on my head why don't ya..
 Drags me round by the collar...  having a little brother can be exhausting
 He has been full on all afternoon but before dinner time, kind of looked like this.
Looks like two patients in need of emergency surgeries.  
Too late to ask for my help,  I have had my licence withdrawn.


  1. What a great trip shopping. Euan is growing so quick. So cute.

  2. Look like you haz da ospital in tip top shapes Bodie my pal...appy crimbo to yoo...is messij for yoo on I blog