Thursday, December 26, 2013


 While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By Night,   fa la la la lah
Oops - caught nappin on the job.....
Bodie you are so big and brave
As usual these days - me in charge and doin the big jobs.... 
I could drink it out of here first I guess.
Everything is an adventure for a puppy.......
Nothing to get excited about - its a running hose.  SIGH.....
 While we have been very spoilt this Christmas I have to admit that my bestest present is this guy.

My new bestie
 What was that?  You wanna do wrestlin?  Ok show us what you've got...
 We play for hours like this now, in fact Mum leaves me in charge first thing in the mornings while she catches up on nappin.  WHAT - YOU NEED MORE NAPS?
 If Euan gets skeered of anything he comes and sidles up to me and climbs on my back.
 Well that's unless Mum is closer in which case he scales up her and wraps hisself round her neck like a scarf.
 He's growing up big and strong and fearless like me.
 In fact he's half my size already - wonder if he's gonna grow bigger n me?
Hope your Christmas is as crazy fun as ours.


  1. Love your new header photo. Looks like the two of them r best buddies now. So cute.

  2. Good werk from da yung jedi Bodie my pal…..i do not ave yore callendurr yet but I fink it will be ere soon….I gib you peemail when it arrive…..