Saturday, December 7, 2013


Today bein Sunday, our only thing on the "To Do List" was the Xmas photos.  Sounds easy but in actualities not so easy.  In fact when it was found we only had one Santa hat in the cupboard twas decided that one would be all that was required.

 Here tis me the 'tographers muse lookin all flash and Xmas card lovelies.
 And the muses "apprentice" doin what was expected and chewin on the hat.
 Looking away from the camera
And more chewin, I mean did we expect him to pose nicely in a hat.  I don't think so.....
 A 'tographers' muse could go into a coma from boredome in a photoshoot......did you ever stop to think how borin modelin could really be??
 Hey here's both of us lookin at the 'tographer" at the same time.  Shame we wasn't wearin red hats!!!
 Ya know how last weekend Mum spent the wee hours teachin wee man how to go down the deck stairs.   Well  he's progressed in leaps n bounds and is now travellin over every bit of furniture he can find.

Might have ta build a bigger fence......
 I was on baby sitting duties this morning.  Mum said by hook or by crook she wasn't gettin out of bed till 8 so after feedin eUan at 6am she locked me n the wee man into the rest of the house,  opened the door into the yard and left me in charge for two hours.
Recreation of actual events as the tographer at the time was doin celestial snorins.
Yours exhausted.   The Bodester.  .....  ..    WO                    OF!  ZZZZZ


  1. *bwhahahahahaha* Oh my you so made my day!!!!!

  2. The best ever post. Love the Xmas pics.

  3. Looking fab my pals. We haz BTposse christmas carol fing on I Pinterest boards see dem ere http://www.pinterest.com/marleyterrier/btposse/