Tuesday, December 31, 2013


 On New Years Eve we had a cunning plan.  We reckoned that if we timed it right we might just get our fave beach all to ourselves and at low tide.   that was a plan and a half - apart from about 6 other doggies we had it all to ourselves.
 For the past two months we have been practising recalls with wee brother so that we could go to the beach and let him off to play.   And tonight was our first test of a big off lead run so we didn't want to meet too many other doggies,  just a few mebbe.
 Of course I am the role model extraordinaire when it comes to recalls.  There were lollies being handed over in abundance every two minutes or so.  Which is a lot of lollies when you are out n about for an hour.  Life just doesn't get any better.
In betweens recalls practise there was time for some sniffin 'nd some smelly rollin.
As we timed the tide perfectly we could race right out to the edge of the werld.  Well our werld anyway.
 Well things could get just a bit better.  One of the other doggies at the beach was Ted the Border Terrier.    He is only 2 so he was happy to run about with Euan.
Looks like Bodie but doesn't smell like him.
 Ted had just had a bath yesterday so was smellin a bit shampooey and lookin a bit fluffy.  
We did go with our buddy Mozzie to the beach.  Can you see him here?
 Ok little guy,  treats are in the left front pocket,  first there gets the first lolly.
 Fisheries inspectors.
 Fresh water for drinking for the brave .....
 .......and curious
 Edge of New Zealand .  42 below
 We had such a good time that we went back this morning.
 And ran about so much that we spent most of the rest of the day snoozin.
 Euan  4 months and 1 day old
 We did go out with Onny n Jasper
 Happy New Year every body.   Hope it starts with a blast like ours.


  1. What a great way to spend the New Year. Love your beach , so envious. Bodie has his own little shadow with Euan. Love them.

  2. You sure know how to party! Happy New Year!


  3. Look like da pawfect start to da year my pals….