Wednesday, December 4, 2013


 After last weekend when Euans brother Yoshi came to stay, and watching how my little brothers got on so well and what fun was had,  I decided that it was probably time for me to become CEO of Euans trainins.   CEO being the  Chief Entertainment Officer.  After 4 weeks at the BT Hotel he is now showing R E S P E C T for his elder.  Yep appawrently that do be me - role model extraordinaire!!!   So now we can relax a tad and let the fun begin.
 Ok, little dude, so the gentle bitey game goes like this.  You can applies teeth anywheres, you can snap teeths, you can bare your teeths and look alll ferocious, you can do the big scary growly noises, they are the best.   Well okay in your case they sound like a scary bumblebee noises, you just do the best you can.   Bumblebees are way scary.   But once you bite too hard you's gonna get told off or I'm just gonna walk away.  Either way the game stops okay?  No ones gonna save you, its jes you n me.  Are the contestants ready?
 "And the Bodester is down,    can he get up?   ONE.!!!!!
"And he is still down, it's not looking good for the Bodester, we may have a new WWF champion - new to the ring - Euan is looking strong.... TWO!!!"
"THREE,  this round goes to Euan!!!!    "Ah you got me little buddy.  Round one to you."  That is how you play Gentle Bitey.  
 Time Out for Beers at Half Time
 Moving on to the next round.  Our trainings now go on every evening in bewitching hours.  6-8pms for the uninitiated.
This photo has absoloodely nothing to do with my CEO blog, in fact it doesn't even be a photo of my good self.     I am on the verge of firin my editor.   Anyone out there know where I can get nuther one?

Mum has appointed herself 2IC to the CEO.  Basically she thinks she is the 2nd in command and she's the Chief Edumacation Officer.  The first week Euan was here he followed my good example and launched himself off the deck a couple of times.  Which wasn't such a good idea as he was a bit wee and must have scared hisself silly.  So Mum pulled finger at "sparrows fart" last Sat'day morning.  She had nothing better to do at that undogly hour so if you have 40 secs more to spend here have a look.


  1. Hi Bodie & Euan
    It looks like your having a great time playing bitey face together :) Milo & Jet

  2. So glad to see the are playing - it is a special time as their bond forms. He's a lucky pup to have such a good role model Bodie :)