Monday, November 25, 2013


 This weekend Euans brother Yoshi came to stay.
 Even though they hadn't seen each other for five weeks it didn't take long....
For the thuggeries to begin....
 After a Friday night nap, they started again at 6.30 am on Saturday.....
 Until by midday it looked something like this.  Don't be looking at me, I had nothing to do with.
 Do you think they might be broken?
Oh sleeping puppies are the bestest.
 In the afternoon I did try to add some sedateness into the proceedings.
I gave a guided tour of the estate.
 Offered some friendly advice.
Kept an eye on them at Grandads to make sure they didn't dig up any plantages before I did, that they shouldn't
 And peace reigned briefly in our wee world.
 Peace, mungbeans and roses.

For those of you who think that Border terriers all look the same,  shame, of course they do not.  Euans have a red collar and Yoshis have a blue collar.
 Peace soon degenerated into more bad boy wrestling.
On and on into Sunday.
 It didn't take long for Yoshi to feel right at home and work out that whilst he could bound down the stairs and off the deck,  Euan couldn't.  Maybe thats what his three stripe frown is all about?
Its just toooooooooo scary.
Huh,   thats not fair
 So that even when Yoshi was playing with his peg and Euan tried to wrestle it off him, Yoshi took it down to the bottom stair to play with,  out of Euans jaw reach.
Where's he gone,  the pegs no fun if I don't have an audience.
Late Sunday afternoon, things had quietened down again.  We did a quick check for four legs, two ears and one tail on Yoshi before we sent him back.
Yoshi you can stay anytime matey,   you were hugely entertaining and you took the heat off Mums ankles and my hairy legs for two whole days.  Legend.


  1. gorgious, wish I had seen them! moss, Onny and Jas

  2. Awwww! You made my day. :D Thanks! (came over from Marleys...)

  3. Oh….dat be pawsome viewins my pal….I fink de dead puppy foto be da finest I ever seen!

  4. Ah, nothing to combat the persistent puppy as another young rascal to wrestle until they are both flattened.


  5. So precious, but double trouble BOL