Wednesday, November 20, 2013


3 weeks tomorrow Euan has been here and I do have to say he's growing on me.  Both literally and figuratively (heck them's big words for a border terrier!!).   Every morning I put on my best black ears and, as you can see here I also put on my little brother.
Those is way cool teeth you have there Bodie,
Maybe I'll get a  set of those very soon to go with my growed up ears.
Sometimes I do have to show him my "recently cleaned at the vets" growed up teeth - but I have lost the will to even growl at him.  Have found tis a pointless exercise and he's as harmless as a plate of fluff.
I don't get any peace and quiet , he's on my tail 24/7.

 Have taught him digging 101.0  but he's still in Rolling 101.0 class, hasn't quite got the hang of that one yet.  Not for lack of demonstrations from the Rolling Master.  
Every day we have the whanau coming in to feed lunch and entertain which I think is doggone marvellous.
Ok,  so the deal is you just have to entertain me,  the little guy is a self entertainment unit.
You can never ever ever ever get enough of this game.
The wee guy does have a lot to learn.  Everything that doesn't move goes into the jaws of doom with those sharp teeth.  Usually followed swiftly by Mums arm.  She has to watch him like a hawk.
Hmm, animal plant or mineral,  whoever cares, its all worth a taste test.

 Seriously - little guy - you can't keep gobbling everything from the floor varnish to shoes to plantage.  Anyone would think you're not fed enough.   In fact, as for me who usually only gets fed at dinnertime,   this morning Mum couldn't stand my woeful brown eyed stare at Euan eating his duck neck.  I didn't even have to make a noise - she caved and gave me one too.   YASS  mission accomplished.  Who can resist these brown eyes.
Hmmm,  have I given this the taste test yet.  Not sure, might be worth another try.

We're still not sure if those stripes on his head are "go faster" stripes or if that is a worried frown.  What does he have to be worried about?
 Not looking too worried here , while chewing one of the surviving camelia trees that Magoo didn't rip out of the ground.
This is life at present which is more than fun I must say.  And its turning into a great summer so the early mornings even for me who is a sleep in doggie is not half bad.
Psst, check on us after the weekend.  I've just heard that someones coming to stay.   


  1. Such a cute little brother…. glad he is growing on you there Bodie - he will be your sidekick in no time.

  2. Ah, I remember when I was a foolish pup and consumed anything I could get my jaws of doom around. Made for some interesting poop.


  3. ...he look like he is bennyfittin from yore training Bodee my pal....good werk for da team