Saturday, October 5, 2013


Maybe it has fleas Mum?
 Has been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately.  The 'pooter' had bugs and had to go to the hospital.
Goos flea collar might fixit?
'Pooters eh,  you can't live without em,  you can't drag em out in the garden and lift ya leg on em.
 Its all been rather quiet here anyway,  Mums had bugs 's' well and there's been much sniffin and lyin about but today we finally got back on track with a Big Day Out.  Yay,  back on track.

 What do you mean I cannot dine on the horse poo smorgasbord,  there's enough for everybody!!
Empty your pockets, I didn't come down in the last shower - hand it all over.
Life just doesn't get much better than this.
 One of my pardners for todays expedition the lovely Dallas.

She obviously has the same fine taste in coats as my good self.  "Selfridges 2013 Collection"  
 And our other pardner in crime for the day,  the gorgeous Princess Nellie.
PSSST.  Mum has told me that if I can behave myself for 3 weeks,  3 days,  3 hours, then she is going to get me an early Christmas present.   Oh I love surprises.  Wonder when its coming and what it is??


  1. Glad to see you out and about with some of your buddies. We hit the beach here a week or so ago and will be posting about it soon. Can't wait to see what your surprise is.....

  2. Has it been three hours yet?


  3. its a puppy. it looks bossy.

  4. Good to ave you bak my pal...wot was da prezzie i wunner