Tuesday, October 8, 2013


 You must think that all we do round here is go to the beach.  I know we are surrounded by the wobbly blue stuff but this weekend I decided to treat Mum and take her out to do some arty growed up stuff in the city.  
 Me bein the man about town I suggested we take the bus into the city for somethin totally different.  Hey look at whose at our bus stop!!!  The neighbours cat Tigger.  So this is where she hangs when shes not strutting up and down our fence.
 First stop I took Mum to the City Art Gallery for to look at some recent Bodie Warhols.
To finish the afternoon we decided to go to the movies but had to toss a coin.  
Mum wanted to see 007.
I had other ideas.
 Treats on me Mum,  had to raid my doggy bank.
 So we settled on something in between.
And decided on an old time nostalgic movie at the Odeon.  Can you see me in the audience.
Anyway enough about me,  Max my editor in chief wants to know what you bin up to aye?


  1. by gosh Bodes, youv'e hit the big time, and taken a few of us friends with you! I reckon you will sending me some commission soon, hmmm about the price of a bus fair I reckon. Mum says your mum is getting veryyyy! cleva, but we all know its cose your her inspiration, couldnt help but have lovely fotos when your in the shots huh? Moss

  2. Ha! Ha! LOve this!! So cool! Wow - my human has been meddling with Photoshop for years and still can't produce pictures like this...she'll have to come ask your human for tips!!! ;-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. Ha....yoo is da big noos in NZ my chum.....i seen yoo on TV soon I ope

  4. Body you are such a cool good looking dude.