Friday, March 15, 2013


The bear n the little dog went to sea in a beautiful Pea Green Boat.

Goose isn't much up to walkin at the mo so to help stave off a weeks worth of cabin fever  Mum took Goose down to Westhaven to watch some boat racin.
Cept Mum forgot theres not much racin going on in summer on the weekends and there was just one race with a few boats to be watchin.   Racin under the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
Not in the race, just havin a nice day out.
Ponsonby Crusin Club Watchman,  this was Mums club and these guys came out with them on Tuesday nights racin if the weather was overly wild to keep an eye on proceedins and pick up anyone what did come to any griefs.

Scarlet Fever a Ross 930 mean lean racin machine what Mum used to helm,  looks like its had a lick of paint recently and looking lovely n yellow.  Hey, looks a bit like our taxi, mebbe its our water taxi??

Double Trouble.

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  1. Looks like a nice way to be spending the day my pals.....