Sunday, March 10, 2013


 Last weekend I did take Mum n the Goose down to Western Springs with Aunty Belles for a "photo shoot".  Heck what a mission!!!   Do you know how hard it is to get a good shot of one human or one dog,  well you try one sneezy human and two dogs.  This took way more than 5 minutes.....
OK Mum you have to look at the camera like this,  nice n natural like.....
 Just checkin on my co star,  yep looks okay,   ok keep smiling, ready for the good shot.

 Yeah, thats it,  don't be fooled though,  this took bout a hundy tries.   Mum needs loads a practise.
Hey,   tongue shot,  these r the best!!!!
Next for some Goose shots.    Mum looks at the camera and the Goose looks at the geese.

 The Goose looks at the camera and Mum looks at the Geese
Mum looks at the camera and the Goose looks at,  what the heck, can't you both look at the camera for dogs sake!!! 
 Now the Goose looks at what the heck,  and Mum has a sneeze coming on......!!!!!   AAAAHH


And a tisshoo for the Goose
Finally.......  and now can we get two dogs n one sneezy human in one photo??
 Ah thats a negative...
And a double negative, doesn't make a positive.... 
Seeee,   but the geese look good I must say. 
Ok,  lets try this then....., put yer right foot in, put yer left foot in and ya shake it all aboot.
Ah,   paws fer thought.......
Thanks Aunty Belles fer yer patience.  We did our Border Terrier bestest. 
Wuzzes from the Bodester n Mumu.


  1. Happy Mothes Day mum....alll lookin mitey fine to us.....woof

  2. I know exactly what you mean about getting a good picture with dogs / people - it takes patience, but the last picture of the three of you is awesome. Love shot. Love the post as I think everyone has been there.