Friday, March 22, 2013


 Today was just another Friday, late March in Auckland New Zealand,  and thanks to my persuasive  'munications skills I managed to talk my 'tographer into a "day off werk".
There was a major job that had to be dealt to round the house first.   Someone thought that this job was to "defrost the freezer" due to 3 years on raw food and no defrostin.    Myself,  I call this a LEVEL 1 EMERGENCY.    DIAL 111,   WE HAVE NO FOODABLES!!!!!
 Proof that the 111 number works well.   Foodables arrived by 0 Midday Hundred
Freezer all stocked with rabbits,  chickens,   lambs, n possums n tripeys and long story short all things  fresh n deaded.
 After all that hard work we was off to the beach.
 Very spoilt - cos it was a Friday and all the peoples was in their cube farms tappin on 'puters , suckin on the cofees and doin werk,  we pretty much had it to ourselves.

Leave yer shoes at the door and come on in.

Au naturelle
 Mmmmm, this water is jes right.  Temperature and depth jes perfect for a Bodester.
 Posin,   I'm a 'tographers delight,   well that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
 It seems we didn't have paradise to ourselves.
 Mum did think I was investigating a big stick in the stream.
Ehhhm   nope, a 1 metre eel, which didn't impress Mum.   She doesnae like things with more than 4 legs or less than two leg.      Ok its dead already and I was only sniffin it,   no need for conniptions movin right along.
PSSSST,    I think Soul Beach might be over there!!!!
   Is not so hard bein a photographers muse,    I'm nearly 9 and n xpert.
We does leave our shoes at the door at this park and pick em up on the way out.   Mum likes to have warm fuzzies about her fellow mankind as she slides er toes into em.    I haven't pointed out mebbe its the state of her footware,  even me n the Goose won't touch em.


  1. what a wonderful day out at the beach!!!

  2. THE best beach ever! Once when we were there we found someone pinching our jandals on the way back to the car, asked them if they were theres - made them veeeery embarrassed! heh heh! We still leave them there when we go tho, just take cheap jandals.
    -Helen, Snoopy & Rocky

    1. Yeah Aunty Gail did have her jandals pinched once. Seems no one but Mum wants her jandals which is good cos those stoney stones on the way back don't look good to walk on in feets.