Wednesday, February 6, 2013


As today was Waitangi Day, NZs National Holiday,  we had a nice slow start to the day.   Here's us busy charging up our superpowers....
My Christmas present has finally arrived,  a set of 12 weave poles and 4 jumps from the South Island.
For the past two months the most agiliteez I've bin doin is leapin off the bed in a single bound if I hear the fridge openin,   leapin off the deck in a single bound if my frozen tripey dinner is hiffed onto the lawn and leapin over the Goose in a single bound to be first to the dinner bowls.   You get the general picture.
Some sustenance for me and for Mum to keep our strenfs up through our first agiliteez session in a long while

Treaties in pocket,  CHECK   
Sisterly distraction tied up.  CHECK
let the fun begin!!

We still have a ways to go to make it look as easy and seamless as others make it look.  Easy and seamless aren't words in our vocab at the mo, but tenacious is....


  1. Priceless Bodie!!!!!

  2. Great set up, love the warm up wiggling on the lawn.... you will be champion before you know it!!! Love the blog post.

  3. Sheesh....you guys are so good....i goes my own way....but i get less treats i spose...