Sunday, February 10, 2013


On Saturday we phoned Aunty Gail to see if her and Bails wanted to go and investigate the Orakei Basin Walk.  20 minutes from home, its a seaside basin in the middle of town where people does waterskiing and sea biscuiting and stuff.  Believe it or not this is right in the middle of Auckland City.   This is not far from the factory where Mum works.

 No sooner were we at the park than I met this friendly guy.  He didn't seem to belong to anyone there.  We think he must have lived in one of the houses by the basin and just hangs in the park all day.   Not a bad job if you can get it.
Well he certainly took a shine to me.

 Followed me like the little lost dog he was.
Every move you make
Every breath you take
I'll be watching you 
He was starting to wear thin and I did invite him to "flock off" but
He jes din't get it.
Is he still there?
 Oh thank goodness I think I've ditched him.   Can't say I'm impressed with these stoney stones though.
 On our way back to the car look who we met.
Now its not every day that you meet a Border Terrier as good looking as myself but we think that Bandit could play my body double in my movie, what do you think? 

  OK, here's a test for you.  In the picture below is this me or Bandit - with Bailey?
 And is this me or Bandit?
And is this me swimmin or Bandit.  Oh okay you don't get any prizes for guessing this is Bandit, just because there is no human draggin him out there.
Bandit my stunt double
 Bodie Cruise,   (Bodie played by Bandit) rescuing a hapless stick from a raging torrent!!!
Sunday we awoke to another nice day and Aunty Josie rang and asked if we wanted to go on a walk to Karamatua.  (Not to be confused with Kakamatua,  its a bit further down the road.)
A shadow of my former self
What, not another walk, I'm exhausted from yesterday, can't you take the Goose, she'd happily walk with you to the ends of the earth!!!!!

See, you ladies don't even know where you're going.  Hope you're going to back in time for my tea

Before they went into the forest all feets - both dogs n humans had to be sprayed.  Our kauri trees are getting a disease and this helps stop the spread.
Goose doin her very best at my job of posin.  She's much better at walkin than posin which is quite obviously a guys job. 
 She's startin to look a bit ragged,  has probably towed Mum up 5 kays of a hill.
And now handed over to Aunty Josie for the downhill leg.
A much needed foot spa.
 On the way back they visited Cornwallis, is that a very small dog or a very long wharf.  Its a bit of both, Cornwallis wharf is the longest wharf in Auckland.   It was doomed for destruction a few years back but lots of people got together and bought a plank each.


  1. Wow, what lovely walks you have to do so close by. Very cool.

  2. You had an amazin weekend my pals...but how come you is not walkin together? Did I miss summing?

    1. Sometimes we does walks together but 'pends where we are going. I am better off lead so I usually get to go to the off lead places. And means I can just do my own thing at my own pace, if I'm on a lead I drag the chain. :-) Goo is very scared of dogs 'part from me, so she usually goes on the big on lead walks where there are not other dogs off lead to get in her face. Its too hard for Mum to take her on lead to an off lead park with me too cos if dogs come up to the Goose and get in her face then I feel like I have to help and Mum just gets stressed.