Thursday, January 31, 2013


A four day weekend at a dog show,   twas a scorcher,  thank goodness I was just there to be practising my snoozin and breathin techniques, with a bit o barkin thrown in for good measure.
Some of us were werkin,   Koru busy doin werk, well Koru thinks this is playin.
Each to his own, some of us is better at sunbathin.
This too is an art form.  Only I could get tangled round anything and everything in the camp including my own paw.
My impawtant task as entertainment officer was to keep Koru busy in between bouts of werk. 
It's obviously helpin
 More entertainin,  a terriers job is never done.

 Its alright I've got you mate.   Don't try this in your own home!!!
We were right by the lake so there was lots of swimmin goin on and yes I did do lots of swims each day but as my photographer went in too there are no photos of my good self.
Oh the couriers just arrived at the door with my belated Christmas present.   Will woof more soon......


  1. you have just brightened my day! x

  2. Wow, that looks pawsome my old pal. I sure wish I could go to dog shows still....or have some pals over for wrestlin....*sigh*...where was da Goose while all this was goin on?

    1. Goose was in our new puppy pen while this was happnin. She got to go out on the bike laderon and do swimmin and big walks. Not for me all that exercisin.

  3. What a great day supporting your friends, hanging out and ending off with a cool dip in the water.