Tuesday, January 22, 2013


 I would like to share my superior prowess in the toy werld  by publishing this step by step guide to help you hone your skills.   No performance enhancing drugs were taken in the publishing of this guide.  I am a natural at this challenging sport.

Step 1.   Each evening at any time determined by yourself, start following your human round the house and dropping tuggys at her feet.  Be persistent, the first tuggy may not be the one.  Go to the toybox and get another one.  Repeat until the floor is littered with tuggys.
 Step 2.  When your human has finally been worn down decided this is going to be a really fun thing to do too,   run barking loudly outside into the garden and chasing any of your mates insanely round and round in circles.  This helps build up momentum.
Step 3.   Race towards human and let her grab the end of the toy.   It is a good idea to have a firm grip on this in your teeth before the human grabs it.

 Step 4.    Do not let it go under any circumstances .........
 Step 5.  .....   unless there is another of your 100 tuggys also littered around the garden.
Next post I will cover the Beginners Guide to reupholstering your garden furniture.  The Dos, and The Donts.
Trendy but totally non functional
Thank you for your concern that the Goose and I haf to live with someone so tecnikilogikaly challenged.  


  1. Looks like you put that human through the paces. Excellent work out for all. I will study it closely for future use.


  2. He h....good werk my pal.....mum gettin a werk-out too....excellent multi-taskin...