Thursday, January 17, 2013


Last Sunday, a very hot day, we went to Woodhill Forest for a walk up the stream.  Just a bit of jography for our overseas readers this is on the West Coast of Auckland and the sand is black.   And although we thought we were walking on grassy bits, ahmmm........................

I started walking slower and slower but it wasn't till I started doing my break dancing moves that Mum realised that ah there might be a problem.

So she took her shoes off and sure enough, eek this ground is way too hot.
 Even Aunty Heather had to come back from 'splorin' cos she couldn't hack it either.
Behold The Lorax
For those of us who love the water, it wasn't such an issue.
But for those of us who walk as slow as a snail  like to take our time and enjoy the scenery, well it was an issue.  And yep,  I did get carried for a bit.  Cunning eh?

Bodie Attenborough bravely going where no dog has gone before!!   Well ackshully I am being really brave, Mum was seen to run screaming from the water after this when an eel came swimmin past.

Nellie the Submarine,  up periscope!!
Ah it's only my feets that need cooling off Aunty Kirsty, just the feets.
I guess you didn't hear me say JUST THE FEETS!!!!

  Quick, while no one is looking,  "come to me little treaties".
I pronounce January - "Be Kind To Our Feet Month"
Lord Bodie of the Soggy Moustache, thanks you for listening.


  1. We have to almost stop our walks here in the summer, the ground is just too hot for the boys!


    1. Hi Sam, yeah, I wouldnt normally take them out in the middle of the day in summer unless it involved shade and water and grass to walk on. I didn't factor in the sandy patches - silly me. At least we knew enough not to go down to the beach having burnt our feet to bits down there as kids, you can hardly make it back from the sea to your towel.

  2. Highly impawtant stuff my pal....we haz da opposite problem now......SNOW!! Cold paws...

  3. Lovely little story. :) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yikes! Too hot to walk. That is like the surface of the sun hot! Good thing you found that stream to cool off your footsies.