Sunday, December 11, 2011


This afternoon the Goose n Me were assigned to a Top Secret Mission
Here we is being smuggled into Top Secret Locayshun, if we told you where it is we would have to KILL YOU!!!
EEEEEEK      What on earth is in that box it moved and made a sound!!!!!!
Et voila,  Le Goose et Moi
Our mission for today,  we are posin as live reindeers - yes folks "LIVE REINDEERS" for Mums "PIMP MA POD" compatishun at work...........
Here we is helpin the "Not so Live" reindeers. In fact one of em is sniffin the ground.
Helpin along with the teddies to look cute, we think this should add a gazillion percents to the score!!
Me just doin some bin investigayshuns, hope theres no paper in there, this is a paperless office after all. And Goose interviewin Teddy, "They treatin you allright in here ma man?" "Givin ya honey?"
Onto the next pod for some posin, how many of these pods are there decorated, is this in our contract?
Whose that fat guy? I think he's gonna lay a helf n safety complaint if he kin ever get hisself unstuck!!!
That guy again, he sure does get around, think he's in need of alot of surgeries, he is not lookin to helfy, but bikin's gotta be good for him.
Our reindeer buddy looks like he needs to be taken outside to the bathroom. More OSH regulayshuns no doubt!!!
We was then invited to visit my buddy Mumble from Happy Feet  - cos his igloo was downstairs lookin all Christmassy.
You can count on a penguin to show you hospitality,  "Here have a chair"
Did ya want help with that pooter programme, we don't just do posin....

Results awaitin, we'll keep ya posted. Bodie N the Goose. WOOF!!


  1. YAHHHHH what a mad outfit, talk about getting into the Xmas spirit....think ya gotta win who could go past 2 real reindeer as cute as that...hmmm that igloo's pretty good too. Cant wait to see who wins!

  2. It seems you two played an important role in your mum's competition and I think you did well!

  3. Wow, absolutely amazin fings you doin my pals. You has made us feel very chrismussy indeed. I ope you was paid in snaks.