Saturday, December 3, 2011


Now that we're coming to the end of the year we are winding down for summer.  Friday night saw the Goose n Me lettin the staff have the night off.  Helpin with the dance moves for the office party.  Somethin bout Back to the 80s.
You better hope there's a big Dance Floor if ya gonna do Karate Kid dancing. I think ya need the top hand a little higher for the Crane move. Some people at her party even asked her if she used to practise Karate, heck she can't even walks round the garden without breakin her toe!!
Then on Satday night we had our dog club breakup and I won the cup for "Dog Member of the Year". Well acshully Mum got it fer I think bossin people round the Obedience ring, "turn left, turn right, HALT NOW!!!" But its a border blog so I get to do the big poses.
Then on Thursday night it was the last night of our Agility Class.  The terrier class of 2011.  So farewell to Sparky the Westie.
Georgie the Aussie,  have a nice Christmas and see you next year.
Nessie the Real Dog, not that we are biased on this blog no siree!!!

And Rosie the Foxie who we couldn't capture for a mug shot cos she had a huge case of the zoomies.
When you're ready Rosie, sometime in the next 5 minutes will be fine.

And now Mr Blogger thinks that I have said enough after 7 photos and won't let me bore you with any more so on that note I will leave you with a video of my new Mansfield race track in the back yard.


  1. Congratulations on your award, I mean your mum's award!!

  2. Well done for you my pal. It's our typist's proudest boast to say he once werked for the record company wot owned the rights to (Everybody's Gonna Be) Kung Fu Fightin...sad old man

  3. Wow Bodie, what a super end to our Terrier class of 2011 - you captured my best side. Looking fwd to catching up again in 012. Have a great xmas
    Your friend in agility - Georgie x