Saturday, December 17, 2011


Last week when we logged onto the pooter we came across an email that said verbatim 
"Your delightful story about Bodie and Magoo is up on the website as December's winner. Pop in to Grey Lynn or Glenfield and pick up $50 worth of goodies from our freezers at your convenience".
Last year we changed our diet and just started eatin raw stuff and wrote a story about it.  And the lovely folks at the doggy foodables shop read it and invited me to go up there and choose this months dinner.  WOW thanks guys.
So Mum ordered a taxi for me to go up and "Bring Home the Bacon" as it were.   First I had to check out all the options , even though the lids are closed I know this stuff is all for me.   Well ok, and the Goose.
At times like these I could do with my friend Honeys legs.... SIGH
Yep, put them in the basket, they're delish.
And thems, I love that stuff.  Quick as ya can.
Mum was messin round so I made meself useful.  Can I help you young man?
Now what size dog have you got, would you like me to taste test any of that for you?
This is our pile,  gets my approval so far but we need MORE...
Better get some of that rabbity stuff for the goose,  she loves it.   I'm still getting used to it.
Ah Tripe,  now we're talking, us small dogs thrive on that stuff,  YUMMOS!!!
Job Done.  Get me to the TAXI!!!
Goose checkin out dins, what do you fancy.  Bet you'll never guess what we tried for dinner,  not in a million years, ya'll never guess what this is......................

Yup  NOM, maybe they'll make me jump higher in AGILITEES.
We'd like to say a big thank you to the folks at RawEssentials and if you'd like to see what they wrote about what we wrote, click this linky here.  WOOF.


  1. Mmm! What an awesome store. The rabbit bits look particularly appetising.

  2. Great win!!!! Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom........

  3. Oh my....i fink you should ave said "Not Safe for the Basket" at the top of this post. Dad is accusin me of readin doggie porn....woof.