Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It was only a matter of time wasn't it. I mean this was meant to be the Gooses "thing", but well here I am. Yes I'm looking at you .......

I mean this is lesson 3 for Goose, lesson 1 she was floundering like, well a floundering thing, and now see. Just like an otter. Scything through the water, nice flat body position, no splashin. Show orf.

Typical girl she's now doing multi taskin in the water and doin swimmin and snackin....

And then there's me Bodie the fearless. Hey we are just restin.

Maiden voyage.

Sound the sirens, the ship's going down. Where's my liferaft?
Saved, geeze thanks Karynne a guy was drownin

Now this is relaxing, just lounging about on my arm chair.Well by the end of my session I too am swimmin solo, thanks Goose for letting me share your swim.

Thanks Karynne, can I come back again?

Well on Saturday it wasn't all water sports. In the morning I entered my first rallyo competition and came 3rd on time with full points. Thought I better share my ribbon with Goo as she shared her swim with me. What a guy.


  1. Wow, what great athletes. I gotta get Zack one of those pools!!!! He only paddles and I would love to see him swim. Congrats on your third place win in Rally - that's great.

  2. *high paw* Wow, wot a bizee day you ad. Many congrats on your pawosme acheevements my pal. Pretty impressive stuff....I dusnt do swimmin...