Monday, August 8, 2011


Us Border Terriers being so cute and highly trainable are often to be found with the starring role in movies and tv advertisements. We all know the movie Something About Mary with Puffy. And Hubble the Border Terrier from Outta Space in Good Boy. This week we have had the Border Terrier Film Festival Down Under with some movies made just for us. So drag up your favourite couch and see if you recognise any of our movies.

Audience is starting to arrive, heres Ruby, Lizzie and Archie with their favourite pawson.

Kenzy & her friend setting in for the show.

Marley and Lola - very patiently waiting for some action.

And Mint the Beagle, would the doggies in the front row please SIT DOWN.

Our movie critic Moss the Sibebord, who seemed to find some of the movies a wee bit skeery.

Our first entry in the drama section "CHARIOTS OF FUR" an action packed movie from NZ.

Entry 2 from the UK. "BRAVEHEART" a tale about the fight for the border by borders.


Our next drama "BODESHEAD REVISITED" a riveting tale about an incredibly small dog who swans about in an incredibly big house.

Our next entry again from the UK "ALL CREATURES GREAT & SMALL" starring James Herriot as himself and Bodie as hisself.

Another entry from dinunder - TAXI -

Up next the BEND IT trilogy filmed across 3 continents. "BEND IT LIKE BOOMER" from USA


"BEND IT LIKE ZACK" - from Canada

The next movie "THE BORDER BUNCH" starring Greg, Marsha, Cindy. oops NOOO that's the other bunch. This movie is about 6 borders and a day at EARTHDOG trials where the dogs go racing down tunnels to find a rat. No rats were harmed in the making of this movie.

The last entry in the drama section "MARLEY & LOLA" a romp through the English countryside and various snackin on the way seen through the eyes of two fearless sqwirrel hunters.

Only two entries in the musical section. "HAPPY FEET" starring Bodie and a rarely seen green flippered South Pacific Penguin.
Move over John Travolta. "SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER" as you've never before seen it.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. DEAD ANT DEAD ANT DEAD ANT.

One of two entries in the thriller section. Some of us Border Terriers were a bit scared in this movie as we are not all keen on getting more than our toenails wet.

And the "WIZARD OF OZ" which features a very skeery witch. Us Borders being a bit windy this one is classified as PG, as is PAWS.

And finally, instead of putting the ad break at the beginning, we put ours at the end. Hope you enjoyed our movies.


  1. Hee hee...fanks for not "outing" me as Braveheart....oh....poop.....

  2. Wow, so many BTs!! I can't remember all of their names. Oh, naughty Mint is standing in front of the screen again! I am sorry for my brother's bad manners. Anyway I am impressed how multi-talented BTs are. Are you going to show us more motion pictures later?

  3. Great movies - BTs are all stars. When is the BT Acadamy Awards

  4. Haha love it! A world wide selection of BTs in film. The ad at the end was fantastic.(ps - discovered I can post a comment at work but not at home - a bit backwards to what you can do by the sounds. Blimming blogger)

  5. LOve the Borders. I live in AZ and I LOVE my border. He sleeps with me every night. He sleeps in bed just like a person. He never likes to wake up early/ Do all borders have that high pitch whine/vocal sound?

    1. Yes, Borders "sing". Magoo sang alot when I first got her, not so much now. The pair of them started singing one day when I left to go down the road. I came back and told them to cut it out. They can go on all day.....