Saturday, July 30, 2011


It would appear that New Zealand is cancelled today, due to lack of interest?....... 2pm on Saturday afternoon and I have the whole of the Auckland Domain to myself. Where is everybody?
The day started off pretty slow, and just didn't seem to get going any faster. Morning.

What Time Zit? Have you thawed me some chicken necks for breakfast?

Neighbours are finally up

Mata Hari can keep an eye on whats happenin in the 'hood.

Finally after a morning of unforgivable laziness Mum decided that it was high time she went and picked up some stuff that has been lying round her office. Whoa, what a mess, better tidy that up. She said lots of people at her work cycle so they have bits n bobs lurking in piles too. Thats some pile.

So I went in to supervise and then afterwards we went across the road to the domain which is beside her work. See there was not much going on just a sad boggy game of footie that even I couldn't bear to watch.

Even this was more interesting.

I couldn't bear to watch this either but I help made it look good.Grew some fur while Mum lined up yet another photo. Would you hurry up this marble is cold and I could be getting piles. Being a doggy model isn't all its cracked up to be.


The Bodester outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

It was round about now that a very nice lady in a pink tutu, with a ukelele slung over her back asked if she could take our photo. I think Mum should have taken a photo of me with the pink tutu lady, pink would have showed off my furs better.

Growin more fur, its lucky I like sittin

Back to doing some normal dog stuff like investigatin a toppled over Pohutukawa tree.

Hey Lady, got any treats?


  1. Looks like you had a good day out even after the slow start. Zack hears ya, he is not a morning dog!!! Great photos , especially the one the lady in the pink tutu took with your mum!!!

  2. I like the picture in the tree, its cool!

  3. For sure you can use a photo from my blog on your blog.... Zack doesn't mind at all.

  4. Hi guys. Back from my oliday. I got to ride a tractor at the farm!! Appy for you guys to use one of me fotos from the blog. Is no problem...dunno if I got one by the TV but I will try and rectify that toonite...