Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hello to you, we've missed you lots, where you bin? On Sunday we met up with our blogger friends, some I know and do dancin with and some I talk to and have never met. So here we are the Auckland Bloggers.

Tail waggin goin on.......


Me n Mint doing follow up investigatin

Sorry Emily but is my job, any treaties in those pockets?

PI Bodie bringin up the rear....... Bums away

Mint is the lead PI, well he's a beagle so of course hes da boss of this game.

And lots of chin waggin goin on by the two legged critters......

Who's game, is pretty cold in there......

Hey Mum, can I go play with the big dogs?

Beagle, what beagle???

PI Bodie and PI Snoopy, we need to investigate the depths of this pond.

DI Pepper, with the broken thermostat, do ya know its only about -50 dogrees in there Pepper?

UGH, someone needs to sweep this crimescene.

Checkin out some credentials.Hello Snoopy, I think I like you, LOTS.

Hey White Poodle, do you have a blog, wanna be part of our gang?

Well as you can see it was a good idea to wear the gummies, has bin a bit wet here.

And a big HI to my girlfriend Honey who couldn't be here but was here in spirit with her humans who had flown across the ditch.

And last but not least, cos the smallest members of the crowd are often unnoticed, Bailey, who is staying with Jasper and Lexi for a while. Of course I liked Bailey cos he was my size.


  1. Wow, what a great get together. I loved the picture of the line up of bums and straight up tails LOL!!

  2. Hi Hi Bodie!! You are pretty cool, I enjoyed our play date on Saturday :)
    Licks and sniffs, Snoopy!

  3. Thanks for posting so many photos from the walk! It was super fun!!

  4. Fantastic day out for you. I wish we could ave been there too but its a long way to come...!! Woof