Friday, July 8, 2011


"You're not in Kansas now Dorothy". Nup, you're in Western Park Auckland New Zealand - LOOKIN FOR TOTO.......Today I went to watch all the doggies who were auditioning for the September live performance of Wizard of Oz to be shown in the Aotea Centre. Here is the line up of some of the hopeful candidates.

Here is Dorothy meeting someone who even looks like Toto, a Cairn Terrier. There were terriers everywhere, we were in terrier heaven!!!!

My friend Brody was trying out for the part too, so he was excellent and he will show you what they were meant to be doing......

Standing around not looking too concerned while some really loud music was playin......

Meeting Dorothy and not getting concerned about other people cos they'll be with lots of new actors and stuff. Nup Brodys not concerned at all, whats that down there.

Meeting some "actor chickens" whoever heard of actor chickens? Hello chickens!!!

Well, we were very pleased to see that the Border Terrier contingent was being represented with Sadie.

Cept the Meet the Chickens was probably not a PASS.

Ok so that bit was an Epic Fail. Moving right along.

While the judges were deliberatin and stuff - (probably givin CPR to those chickens) me and Bails went for a bit of an explore through the park which is an awesome off lead dog park right in the middle of Auckland City. We are really lucky with off lead dog parks here in Auckland, fingers paws and leads crossed it stays that way. Picture of an awesome tree in said awesome park.

An artist has also created some very looking old buildings art to make it look even more fantabulous. I had a bit of a climb about.

Hmmm, interesting, but, ....... um, hey.......

This stuff has got some weird angles and I ...... um................. can't.............. kinda ....... GET OFF!

Seriously, no joking about....... you're gonna have to call the fire department to get me down.

Phew, well back to the proceedings and normalcy. Paparazzi stalking me. Don't worry, am used to it. Mum stalks me with a camera 24/7.


  1. Bodie, thank you for showing some photos from the audition and some others of the park. It seems Brody did very well in the audition, especially not reacting to the chickens. I can't imagine me not barking at them! Now I wonder who was chosen for the role in the end.

  2. Yeah, thanks for showing all the hopefuls. Zack too would have failed with the chickens.

  3. Hee, I would definittly eaten the chikkins....but arent they the baddies in the movie? No? Oh deer...