Sunday, July 3, 2011


WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?Sorry for this brief interuption to 'The Bodesters' blog but interested in your opinion. I've been watching one of Bodies dewclaws which has cracked and kept thinking yep must get him up to the vet to look at that. Think it was one that escaped his last pedicure or two. Anyway yesterday concerned at a bit of foot chewing I had another look and it is basically broken in two places. Think of your thumb with a break under the thumbnail and another break at the first joint. Anyway we were going on a special walk today which I didn't want to mess with by having a Sunday morning DIY operation, so thought I'll have a look at some DIY when I get home or make a management decision for a vet visit. It doesn't seem to be bothering him. So yesterday arvo had another look and it looks like the dodgy photo above taken on the "pink" camera. The two broken bits are the smile you see at the bottom of the photo and the bit on the left at the top is a "PERFECTLY FORMED DEWCLAW". There appears to be some white quick exposed and curled back at the bottom with the redundant two bits of claw but it looks dried out and crusty and touching this with my nail doesn't seem to bother him at all. Anyone who knows me knows that my dogs only have to look at me funny and they are whipped up to Niamh at the vets quick smart so I'm not using you as my vet enquiry, but it seems to me that dogs deal to dew claws themselves. Bodies dew claw on his other foot is perfect which means it either got better attention at the manicurist or by the Bodester himself. Lets face it dew claws are redundant and there's no one out with a handy clipper for the wolves in the wild. What do you think?? I'll be checking it daily and if its not looking like something I like in a couple of days the vet will get the privelege of yet another visit from Bodes.

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  1. Sumtimes my dew claws get a bit cracked. It do not bovver me...and it seem to cure itself....