Thursday, July 21, 2011


Me mate Moss came over this arvo for a playdate. Here E is looking to me fer inspiration. Come on Bodie, wanna play tug, we can share this thing.

I'm runnin, runnin, runnin, runnin , runnin, runnin, runnin, isn't there a song that goes like this?

To backtrack. This morning Moss was doing a demo for a community group. Here he is doing some posin with Fred Astaire..... FLIPPIN SHOW ORF!!Mum said I coulda done some dancing with me Penguin here too cos it was inside and I couldn't have run off ha ha ha, she thinks she's so funny. But the penguin had hurt its flipper when it was practisin dancing with Moss and couldn't get its penguin feet on. Oh CRY ME A RIVER!!!

So when Mum went to take Moss home she couldnae get the key in the door (well that's what she told Moss' Mum anyway and she brought him home for me to play with.) YIPEE

So he investigated my grand estate from top to bottom.

Posted peemail.

Came inside and played starin competitions, bet you blink before I do....

Nicked ma tuggies, hey what are friends for?

Mine all mine

This is what Mum calls crazy sibe eyes and what she sometimes sees in the middle of a dance routine. And then its "Anyones Guess Whats Gonna Happen Now"

Me N My Shadow

When Moss had gone home, Goose came outside.......

And investigated every blade o grass.......

From top

to bottom

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  1. Ouch!! Your penguin's feet look really sore! But, it would have been very nice if you could have joined us for the demo. I enjoyed it so much!!