Saturday, June 18, 2011


Woa, look at you, stand well back, I haven't got my hazmat suit on.I understand you're not feeling a box of fluffy ducks but I can hardly make you a cup of tea can I?

Yes I know you taught me how to get you a tissue but that was only pretending. You don't expect me to hand you a tissue every 5 minutes do you. Can't a guy get some peace?
Oh look now you've gone and scared the cat. Get your drinks and pills and shuffle on back to bed.

Thank goodness, she's gone. Goose just thinks this is an excellent excuse to lounge about all day too, I dont think shes even done her hair or stumbled out of bed today.

It's not as if there's anything exciting going on out there anyway.
This is the best we can muster. Our bestest hot water bottle impersonation.


  1. Oh come on Bodie! There are activities you can enjoy in the house on a rainy day!! How about doing treasure hunting? Is your human too tidy to leave some stuff around for you to hunt? I hope your humans feels okay today.

  2. Iffens I had a cold I fink seein you would cure me right up my pals