Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It isn't every day that a guy gets a big bunch of beautiful flowers. Wow, who can these be from? AWWWWWWWWWWW they're from my girlfriend Honey the Great Dane, gee thanks Honey they're just gorgeous!

Some of you might remember a couple of months ago me and my friends Cinnamon the Beagle and Charlie the Poodle were asked to help judge Honeys dancing with the Doggy Stars Competition. Well this weekend was the Big Event.

For the past two months doggies and their humans have been practising and a pointing, boogying and a breakdancing from Belgium to the USA, from France to Estonia and all the way down to NZ. 31 entries of fun and laughter. It was really hard judging them cos we thought they were all fantastic.

Well without further woofin from me, if you want to see what its all been about head on over with me to Honeys.

Bodie le Travolta - DONE!


  1. Those yellow flowers are so pretty!! Have you seen my similar blog post? My flowers are pink, my favorite colour! Is yellow your favorite colour? If so, I wonder why Honey knew our favorite colours... Don't you think she is a super dog? Oh, sorry, it was not necessary to remind you that Honey is a super doggie, as everyone knows it!

  2. Yellow is our favourite colour actually cos its just like the sun. Have you seen our car!~! Yeah that was really lovely of Honey to send those and such an awesome competition.

  3. what beautiful flowers!!! Honey is very thoughtful :)