Monday, June 13, 2011


Its the Goose here. Me and Mum decided to have a GIRLS DAY OUT and so left the Bodester at home looking after the cat. So where do girls go on a GDO - the spa of course.

Jumped in the Border Terrier taxi and 30 minutes later we arrived at K9 Aqua. K9 Aqua is for doggies if they have injuries or need exercise or just for fun. While I'm fit and healthy I never get to go off lead so we thought we should give this a try to give me some fun and freedom without being on a lead or tied to Mums bike.

So - just got here - I've been dressed up in a funny coat and now -WHOA, that looks like a bathtub and a half.

Hi Karynne, oh you have NOMS - why didn't you say.

Can you hold the noms a little closer I can't really reach them way out there.

eeek a mondo, two feet down and two to go, I can't hold this pose much longer.

And we're off.....................

Listing a bit to the right, I think this side is the escape hatch

How about I show you my aerial freestyle move. Classy or whatsky.

Still listin... STARBOARD - IVE GOT RIGHTS!!!!

And back to the safety ramp. Slowly getting my mojo on.

Look, no hands!!!!

Watch me, swimming in the jets......

My "Stunned Mullet" look. Can we have a wee rest now, I'm pooped

Yes I am perfectly comfy thank you, 27 dogrees is jess right and the 1/10th saline solution is just fine by me too. I'm still listenin, this is just new to me, I'm a bit soggy.

And to end my adventure - a shower. Is this pampering or what? Are we going for a coffee after this Mum?

Back home with my big little brother. Told him all bout it but he doesn't even like walks in the rain so we don't think he will appreciate it, even though we could both go in the pool at the same time.



  1. WOWWOWWOW! I do never do swimmings. You is so brave.....

  2. That looks fun but a bit scary! I have heard Mum telling Dad that she wanted to take us to a doggie swimming pool, but apparently he doesn't think that is a great idea. I am curious, but I am not sure if I am brave enough :-(

  3. I didn't think I was very brave either but if I can do it you can do it too. And its really close to you too.

  4. We went to one of those places once...except it was a HUGE pool and we would of had to swim! This one looks much more pleasent for us, we could just stand there maybe?

    Licks and lots of slobber,
    Lexi and Jasper the Danes

  5. Guys....would you mind If i borrowed one of your pics for my blog on Monday? Mebbe leaves me a comment on my bloggie to let I know...

  6. CUTE! Looks like she enjoyed it! And I know how much it takes to tire goo out! I think Brody and I may have to plan a visit :-)